Question of the day ~ Trunk

What do you keep in the trunk (or boot or whatever the back is called) of your car?


Hummie B said…
Love this question. It's like the "open your purse and share a photo" question I did a few years ago.

Mine does not have a trunk either. It just has an open area in the back that is actually the third seat laid down.

I keep a few blankets back there always (never know if you get stuck if you'll need to stay warm, plus they make great picnic blankets and you never know when I'll want an impromptu lay down at a park!). There is also a large umbrella and my tripods.

I keep my first aid kit between the back seats and I keep a jacket hanging over the head part of my seat.

Of course, if we keep going! I keep a small umbrella and my ice scrapper on the pocket on my door and I have a compartment between the front seat with other things in it, including those "wet ones" that always come in handy, tissues, etc.
Hummie B said…

Someone make a layout and start a challenge post! Dawn? AMarie? Tammy?
Maggie Adair said…
I keep re-usable shopping bags & jump-start cables in the trunk and that's about it. When we go away we add things like first aid kit & tools
Jody Taylor said…
No trunk or boot on our vehicle either as such. We have a big canopy on the back in which we keep:
A folding boat trailer, golf clubs, recovery gear, generator, fridge, a small TV, more fishing gear than a fishing shop (note .. not mine, his), a chain saw, folding chairs, folding table, picnic box, lots of tools and IF I can fit it in a box of wool for my crochet. Heaps of other stuff too.
Needless to say its large. Maybe you are right, maybe we should all scrap our vehicles too.
Dawn said…
Nothing, because I do not have a car.

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