Scrapbooking Inspiration: Album of Hope

(idea source)
I love this idea!  It would make a great hardbound book as a gift to someone you love.  This would make a great graduation gift to your child, to share with that child your hopes and dreams.  To add photos would take some creativity and thought.  For instance, a hope that your child would get a job that they love might be a difficult photo to take and I can see it lending more to a photo-less page.

Who else might you have hopes for that you could gift a book to?  Maybe a church worker?  a friend? a niece or nephew?  a spouse?

Nancy O' Dell's book "Full of Love" and her Album of Hope initiative for your children is something I have always felt in my heart to do already. The description reads, "Full of Love explores the power of the family photo album to create confident, secure, happy kids. Nancy O'Dell shows how photos and albums reinforce family values and traditions, strengthen family bonds, build self-esteem and show children how much they are loved."

The reviews of the book online are not so good, but the idea is worthwhile to consider as inspiration.

Would you consider making an Album of Hope for someone?


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