Twitter Round-up | February Week 4

Feb 21 Rise above the negativity in life in order to succeed.

Feb 21 Made some banana applesauce muffins. Healthy self-love. #choices

Feb 21 New @fitbit personal best for me!! Whoo hooo! #PurposefulMatters

Feb 21 I've never been able to auto tweet my Fitbit progress. It shows connected. But now web page for sharing is down.

Feb 21 I just want to drive out to the middle of nowhere, zip two sleeping bags together, and lay under the stars drinking hot cocoa.

Feb 21 If I don't feel like I am learning and growing even daily, I immediately start to build frustration that I wasn't more productive.

Feb 22 Cold days and baking mini cakes drizzled in cocoa chocolate sauce with pecans.

Feb 22 Jammies, showerless, eating, bored and smelly. This weather really makes us hibernate like bears.

Feb 23 Can I get a "brrrrrr"... let me here ya say "brrrrrr" :)

Feb 24 No wonder 
I have a Sore head 
This morning 
Sugar plums 
Dancing inside 
My head

Feb 24 God sometimes takes us into troubled waters not to drown us, but to cleanse us.

Feb 24 Love what this mug says, until I stop to think and realize God created me to work. Giving up retirement for lent.

Feb 25 Note to self: Give up what I am doing in life for recognition and re-purpose ambition to serve others.
Feb 25 Lenten thought: My sin is making acceptance and recognition by others a god and idol.

Feb 25 ICYMI .. that's new to me too! I looked it up cause you posted. "in case you missed it."

Feb 25 Let's just skip until Tuesday and talk about that 50 degrees!

Feb 25 Some people are hard to love:“If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?”Mat 5:46

Feb 25 @FitbitSupport I can't! I get this! So frustrating.

Feb 26 Lenten thought: Healing in relationships starts with repentance & owning my part of the dysfunction.

Feb 26 Lenten thought: I cannot control others, but I can control, with the help of the Holy Spirit, how I respond. Be responsible for response.

Feb 26 Doesn't it stink when someone asks a question in private PM, but you cannot answer because they are not following you back? So silly.

Feb 26 My first time EVER not watching Survivor on air date; never missed episode. We cut the cable cord, so my first time watching day after.

Feb 27 The past may shape us & guide us, it does not define us! "The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." 2 Cor 5:17

Feb 27 Everybody is a genius, but if U judge a fish by its ability to climb tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid-Einstein

Feb 27 Shall I obey hubby? Lol (oh. And see reminder to ourselves where concert tickets are) silly us.

Feb 27 Watching American Idol on Hulu and considering my "peg" for winners; lots of great choices this season.

Feb 28 Oh the whining that I'm putting my shoes on! How do they know that this time I put my shoes on they are coming with?!

Feb 28 Tizzy is 8 lbs! Stop feeding her! @oldguycomedy ! Ria gained too! 21.2!!

Feb 28 Oh, the noises and other dogs barking at the vet while we wait. Curiosity's of the unknown behind the door.

Feb 28 Mom! Make your lap come back! We want up! Silly dogs. #toyfoxterrier #dogs

Feb 28 Thank you @CapePolice ! Wow! Way to close to home and work! One person injured in officer-involved shooting:

Feb 28 God is good & perfect; He gave us the right amount of time each day to do all we are intended to do. Whoo hooo! 24/7, 365 days!


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