Twitter Round-up - March Week 1

Mar 1 he first day of March may be considered by some the beginning of spring, but it's sure going to feel like winter.

Mar 1 The days where I pause to put my work in God's hand are the days I am most productive.

Mar 1 DiGiornoPizza has some new smaller, thin crust pizza -- we tried and it tastes healthier and yummy! I like it!

Mar 1 The morning snuggle -- sister, sister sweet spot.

Mar 1 There still may be snow outside, but I'm busy bringing Spring to the kitchen!

Mar 1 Raw edges of my material seemed too sweet not to do something with it-little cabinet handle bows! Made hubby smile!

Mar 1 St Pat's March green curtains coming to a bathroom near you! Lol (print for wardrobe, solid for window)

Mar 2 I dare myself!! - Take an inventory of the media you consume and cut out that which is less wholesome.

Mar 2 I like to party! & by party, I mean sit at home & drink tea - Giggle!

Mar 2 ! Awesome dear! @oldguycomedy When's our party date scheduled for? Got music?

Mar 2 "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." Albert Einstein

Mar 2 Lord, when all is chaos around me, help me to keep my mind focused on you, and all else will then fall into place.

Mar 3 So this is the warm day I've been yearning for? What? Cloudy, hazy, rainy, with snow on the ground, no sun in sight. Still yearning

Mar 4 Office closed. I was about ready to head out the door. Now I am sitting, dogs and lap, watching the weather.

Mar 4 It just changed over to snow in Cape Girardeau! Whoo hooo! Sleet and freezing rain is done!

Mar 4 Thankfully, the snow seems light and fluffy so far; shoveling going really fast.

Mar 4 It took 40 minutes to make risotto rice pudding, but it was worth it. Yum!

Mar 4 Wow! I wore my bra all day! On a snow day! What's wrong with me? Lol I know. TMI - but I am laughing at myself.

Mar 4 The snow is SO bright in the darkness. Sort of creepy. Sort of beautiful. Just want to stare at God's wonder.

Mar 5 Happy birthday to my youngest son!

Mar 5 Lenten thought: Prayer changes the way we think of others; it's hard to pray for someone & still hate them.

Mar 5 A reason to escape the day, and snuggle up with a good book? Yes!! #WorldBookDay

Mar 5 I'm @elinptr 1,000th follower! lol Thanks for my award! How fun is that! What a great way to start my day all happy happy! I feel special today! I hope you feel special too!

Mar 5 Thankful for my country and employment and pretty snow today!

Mar 5 Perspective--what my dogs see.

Mar 6 Sad news; uncle Jerry passed away in his sleep last night.

Mar 7 God winks! I wake up feeling drained by someone's negativity & then open email devotional for today. Coincidence?

Mar 7 For whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. -Galatians 6:7

Mar 7 Lenten devotion thoughts today. Good stuff! I've got a great day of possibilities ahead of me today!


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