Twitter Round-up | March Week 3

Mar 7 It's is daylight savings time weekend. How am I just today seeing this? It's all over my facebook

Mar 8 This is how Ria avoids the mop. Little Tizzy just follows me around. Everyone has their own way of doing things

Mar 8 Ready for an awesome concert with @nataliegrant and @dannygokey

Mar 8 Aw Yes! Awesome! @dannygokey @khisradio next is @nataliegrant

Mar 8 So blessed by @NatalieGrant 's gift of voice and music.

Mar 8 When @NatalieGrant hits those clear notes, it fill the soul. #BURNBRIGHT

Mar 9 Lenten thought: Help me, Lord, to give up my focus on "we cannot afford" and instead focus on what You can do & supply.

Mar 9 He watched the first Cardinals game the day he passed away, and they won. Here's to lifesaver mints and old spice. RIP Uncle Jerry

Mar 9 Grrrrr Someone tried to hack into my hosting account. Thankfully, it was not password I used anywhere else, but had to choose new password

Mar 10 Have you ever searched for after watching The Good Wife?

Mar 11 I thought we were going to see the sun and hit 60's today! Anxiously awaiting this fog to fade away to reveal the sun.

Mar 11 It's one of those EGR days - extra grace required

Mar 11 A little someone is sunning! She's delighting in the warmth of the day.

Mar 11 It's warm outside, but I'm so cold with goosebumps inside! I suppose because the furnace is not kicking on. Brrrrrrr!

Mar 12 4 jobs in one day! Whew! Feeling blessed to have my feet hurting. :)

Mar 13 Here come the flooding rains one week after 9 inches snow. Which is better?

Mar 13 MySQL server has gone away grrrrrr! vbulletin 5 waste-of-time-stress causer :) hosting messed up

Mar 13 Helped with dinner for needy tonight; then met with my Little (big bro/big sis); great way to start the weekend.

Mar 14 Just created a new Thrivent account with our awesome representative, Jonathon.

Mar 14 Miss Tizzy says "Hey, you forgot my birthday yesterday! I'm 2!" #dogs #toyfoxterrier

Mar 14 I'm tickled in the belly! That 3,000 Twitter followers is sweet! Alright! No one unfollow me or you'll ruin it!


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