Twitter Round-up | March Week 3

Mar 15 Beautiful day! Fountain is up and running. Sun is shining.

Mar 15 Added an umbrella to this years patio decorations. We love it!

Mar 15 Surveying winter's damage in the yard -- and Spring's beginnings

Mar 15 Wow! Soak'n in the sunshine!

Mar 15 No Mom, we haven't been playing in the mud all day. Bath? Noooo! Lol #dogsoftwitter #dogs

Mar 15 Waiting for my sample dandelion tea to steep. Maybe I should make my own from the yard? Have you ever? Tea tasted like French Vanilla flavor. I'm not a fan of that flavor.

Mar 17 Why can't we have "Spring days" like we do "snow days?"

Mar 17 I'm wearing o'green today and feeling top o'the 'morning today. How about you?

Mar 17 Too fun! Thanks Pandora! Dancing a jig!

Mar 17 Awe. A message from hubby to our small group.

Mar 17 My heart and prayers are with my Uncle Bob today, who is in a coma. What a tough year this is turning out to be.

Mar 18 @GoDaddyHelp @GoDaddy Is there any estimated time of fix on the mysql down yet? It's been weeks. Last I called there was no time.

Mar 18 I realized another great benefit to "cutting the cord" -- March madness interrupting programs isn't a frustration anymore!

Mar 18 Whoever turn the dial and made this temperature drop again, please turn it back.

Mar 19 What? SBB is closing? The first #digiscrap site? Say it isn't so! Scrapbook Bytes -- ah!

Mar 21 Prayer works. Complaining does not.

Mar 21 No shame here! Mexican cheese and chips always requires a bib.

Mar 21 Um. The other appetizer. I think it's meant to be shared! #happy

Mar 21 Uggg. One of our favorite restaurants changed their food and/or chef. Everything bland. Not happy.


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