A tribute layout for my Uncle Bob

I knew as soon as I heard my Uncle Bob's eulogy that I wanted to make a graphic as a tribute to him with words from the eulogy.  It is a message that my heart told me needed to be passed on.

He lived for 30 years with Parkinson's Disease.  He refused to let his disease define him so much so that he was stubbornly never let it get him down.  He loved to play golf and continued to play as long as he could physically, even when it was physically difficult.

I think the graphic says the rest of the analogy of the way we should all live our lives, in everything we do.


Maggie Adair said…
So sorry for your loss. A lovely tribute to your uncle
Patricia Rouse said…
You really did a great tribute page for your uncle and like you said it really tells a story for everyone to abide by. Great job as usual.
Anonymous said…
Your tribute and page is lovely. My great uncle lived for many years with the disease as well and that was back in the 60's and early 70's when I was very young.

Terry F

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