American Idol Chatter

Every year I always "peg" (as I call it) who I think will be the winner of American Idol after the first or second live show.  Every year my "peg" has been either first, second, or third place!  It makes me feel I'm good at choosing the winner.

The above notes were made while I was watching the first live show, but life got so busy I never really "pegged" a contestant as the winner.  I was torn between Clark and Rayvon, but leaning towards Clark.

You can see I felt the guys had the win and I remember even struggling to get a girl onto the list.

Below is a list of the remaining contestants.  As you can see, except for the last girl on each list, my picks are all still live!  Isn't that awesome!  Somehow, I feel accomplished.  lol  Maybe I should be a judge choosing contestants or change my occupation to musician manager.

Clark Beckham
Nick Fradiani
Quentin Alexander
Rayvon Owen

Jax Cole
Joey Cook
Tyanna Jones

Who is your favorite?


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