Bracket Album - Trend from the past

In 2008, bracket albums were a big trend in both the paper and digital scrapbooking industries.

Chipboard shapes could be purchased and utilized by paper scrapbookers.

(image source)
Digital scrapbookers made template supplies that could be created digitally and adhered to the chipboard shapes.  Another idea was to simply print them and bind them without the chipboard.

The digital products are sized 1766 x 1769 so two will fit comfortably on a 12 x 12 layout.

These digital supplies can also be placed right onto another background for a digital scrapbooking layout.

Here is a sample book.

If you do an internet search for bracket album, you will see a lot of inspiration.

I never made one of these albums, but I have always loved them.  Maybe some day I can make one.

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