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Here are some samples of some CD Albums. These were popular in 2007 and 2008, but are still a fun idea. Blank disks are so inexpensive now-a-days and provide a firm backing.  If you have old CD's that you cannot sell (because you now have music in digital format) those could be repurposed as well.  I thought they were put on cut cardboard, but this is so much better! The digital scrapbooking stores used to be filled with templates and quick pages to make these albums when it was all the trend.

Monique (her blog has since been taken down) cut and pasted them onto the CD's. A crop-a-dile cuts the holes in the CD. A crop-a-dile is about $12 to $30 bucks at Amazon. A guess a regular hole punch wouldn't work?

This is from her blog post: "Then I scrapped the pages, printed them on 5 x 7 photos at Walmart, cut and pasted them onto old CDs. Then I threaded them all onto a loose leaf ring and added some ribbon! And voila!:

They also make CD shaped stickers to make your own CD covers.  Just print onto the sheet and stick them to the CD.

Memorex 20 pack high gloss- $15.99
Memorex 120 pack matte $23.99
Meteck 50 pack $15.99

Not as expensive as I thought.  They come with a Word document template.  You would have to create a .jpg in PSE or PS to bring it in to match the Word template for printing.

Aren't these a great idea for a gift!  

I would like one to throw on the coffee table for company to pick up and look.


Maggie Adair said…
Pretty cool way to use CDs you no longer listen too - hmmm will have to consider this

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