Challenge Round-up

Dawn has been so busy she has not had time to do a challenge round-up post (last one on February 26), so if you would like to volunteer to create challenge round-up posts, or any other kind of posts, please just let me know.  I welcome all the help I can get to make this site a wonderful place to be inspired.

Remember, you can find all the newest challenges on the "News/Challenges" label on the blog.

I am trying to be as flexible as possible to meet everyone's choice of sharing.
1.  Upload to Flickr and link to the blog linky. (preferred so we can all comment)
2.  Upload to Google Plus and link to the blog linky.
3.  Post to the Facebook page and link it to the linky if possible.
4.  Tweet it at me and link it to the linky if possible.
5.  Email it to the DSS Yahoo Group.
5.  Make a blog post on your own blog and link to the blog linky.

This is a list of some recent challenges within the last few months.  We invite you to do one or all of them.  Note many of them have freebies available.

Use it ! AMarie's April 15 Challenge

AMarie's Template Challenge ~ April 15

Tips for Facebook Covers & Assorted Challenge #46

Assorted Challenge #45 Challenge and Freebie

Assorted Challenge #44 - Using Digital Journaling Cards

Assorted Challenge 43 & Freebie

Assorted Challenge #42 Steamspunk Scrapbooking

NEW Assorted Challenge 41 - and a Freebie

NEW Assorted Challenge #40: Learning About Art Journaling

NEW Assorted Challenge #39 (freebie!) - Just scrap!

Speed Scrap #23 & a Freebie

NEW Assorted Challenge #38 - Hold a Photo in Your Hand

ASSORTED CHALLENGE 37: Challenge 1 and Day 1 Freebie

NEW Speed Scrap #22 - Live Video Scrap from 2014

Fun Challenge! Where in the World is Hummie's World?

Freebie Template From Dawn!

NEW CHALLENGE Assorted Challenge #35

Scraplift #24- Angie Gladwell

Photography Class! Lesson 11C (new video)

Dawn's Font Challenge- KG Blank Space

Journey of a Book - Circle scrapbook - Join us!  (Deadline passed on this one, but you can still submit until I get the book put together and shared).

Hummie's Template 103 (Freebie on blog post)

Scraplift #22- Brenda Roberts

Scraplift #23- Carrie

Scrapping DNA Challenge (genealogy) - inspired by Carrie

Just for Fun Scraplift Challenge - Scraplift Anne-Marie

UseIt! #48 challenge (freebie on blog post)

Template #102 (freebie on blog post)

Layout Tips #11 (new video)

UseIt! Challenge #47 (freebie on blog post)

Please remember that you do not need to do an entire class. You can pick and choose challenges on the classes if you do not want to do an entire class. You do still have the option of doing all the challenges in a class to earn an icon.


MiniCooper452 said…
I'm here for ya, girl! Whatever I can do to help, just let me know.

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