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Thanks to everyone who participates and comments here. You make my day each and every time. My heart delights when I see your post.


Hummie B said…
Happy Sunday all!

Maggie Adair said…
You're in my past - it's Monday in Perth LOL!
Hummie B said…
lol Yep, it's Monday here too! It was beautiful all weekend and now the rain is coming. If I had it my way, that is the way it would be! Beautiful when I'm off work and rainy when I am working.

The forum has ZERO threads! Anyone going to celebrate with me?

I'm currently deleting the HUGE folders for the old gallery off of the server.

I am also trying to create a new donation page to donate directly through Paypal so I can delete the forum.

I also want to get some information about each person before I delete the forum. I will let me download an email list, but that list doesn't have forum ID's with it, so it doesn't help me not knowing who the people are.

But I'm getting closer now! Feels good!
Tammy said…
Sounds like things are getting really close to closure for you, Hummie!! So excited for you. :)

Had a nice weekend. My man and I got to go see Chris Tomlin in concert Saturday evening. Rend Collective and Tenth Avenue North opened for him. It was TOTALLY awesome!!!!!

Sunday was church. Park time with our grandson and then lunch with his Daddy and Mommy. Came home to a houseful of the boys' friends. Our house is the Sunday afternoon hang out, it seems.

Hope everyone has a great day today in whatever you do or don't do. :)

Homeschooling, vacuuming, laundry, and toilet cleaning is on my agenda.
Hummie B said…
Just finished canceling all forum subscriptions. My heart aches. Trusting God that folks will voluntarily subscribe/donate now or the Youtube will take off or I have time to design and people buy or whatever. Giving it to God. He has plans for our finances.
Hummie B said…
Tammy, Wow! Chris Tomlin and Tenth Avenue North! My kind of concert. And family time! Glad you had a great weekend!
Tammy said…
The sun is shining. It's beautiful. Hope everyone has a great day!!
Hummie B said…
I'm glad your sun in shining, Tammy. It is a bad weather, rain, week here again. Not much sun. But the weekends are nice and that's what counts.

We picked up an old wooden table with a leaf in it for $20 early this morning (found on FB sales group). I'm not sure about it, but if it works, it will be a deal!

Our table is about 20 years old and our son wants it and I just want something new. I don't like the glass top that shows every foot of the table and foot of the person.

So we have a painting and polyurethane project ahead of us, provided it is sturdy and the size seems to work okay.

Sure beats paying over $500 for a new outdoor set.

We are going to be on the lookout for unique chairs now.
Tammy said…
Will be fun to see photos, Hummie!

Happy Tax Day to those in the states (or is it???)! :D

Hope everyone has an awesome day.
Hummie B said…
Yes, it is tax day, but I do my taxes early so I get my money back. It is also payday! Whew! That bank account was low, so glad for today!

I spent time this morning making a graphic so people could share layouts and chatter on Facebook if they want.

Then I started making a new banner for the top of the site. I am going to attempt to re-code it and make it less wide and simplify things. We'll see!

Small group was great last night. Great discussions.

I'm still working in the forum. No threads, but I'm looking at each id to see if there is any info I want to save (ie. links to blogs, twitter, etc.) I have about 700 more to go. Then I think I can delete the forum files.

Trying to think on what to do next. I need to record a new video soon. I started to go look at the photography class to see where it was at, but then got distracted.
AMarie T said…
Did Assorted Challenge 38, 42, 44, 55 & 56. Yay! Enjoyed doing that.
Hummie B said…
You rock, Anne-Marie! So glad to have you back and scrapping our challenge classes!

Well, I've been working about an hour and I think the new header is working finally. I removed a lot of the links. No need to repeat them. They are in the sidebar anyway. With it being a shorter width, I had to keep playing with the coding.

The tutorials page is gone! Zipped away!

Everyone always says "where are the class guides? Never heard of them." I wonder about that, especially those who have been doing the classes for a while. lol

So the "home" page is now the "Class Guides" page. Whoo hooo! Now if they miss that....

I seem to spend my time trying to get people to read sometimes ... and making it as simple as possible.
AMarie T said…
Have a great Thursday all!
Hey, Hummie, I've finished Assorted Challenge set 2, so a new icon is needed :)
Hummie B said…
Awesome Anne-Marie! I'm happy someone has completed another set. Give yourself that icon and I'll start a post.

I'm going to do a Themed Thursday one to get an icon...I've only one more to do in that set!

Happy Thursday everyone!

After I made the banner last night, I went to do my cleaning job, then I had scheduled a telephone conference with someone to teach them how to post on their blog, then I watched tv. I like Scorpion.

This morning I scrapped. Not sure what I will do tonight yet. I do have a free night! Whooo hooo!
Tammy said…
Wishing every one a good day.
AMarie T said…
Hummie, I can't give me a new icon myself because it does not exist.... :) You have to create one for Assorted Challenge set 2.(and set 3 cause I'm on the way to finish that
Hummie B said…
Oh, I see there is only 1 assorted icon. Yes, I will try to create it today/tonight. That is if I do not forget! Thanks for letting me know.
Hummie B said…
TGIF! I hope your weekend is awesome!

What is everyone up to?

I've been thinking of AnitaB and all those babies and her prayer requests. We haven't heard from her in a while.

I wanted to scrap last night and this morning, but sometimes I just get distracted. I ended up cooking for myself last night and then working on the Themed Thursday guides, dividing the first set into 20 pages. It's on my mind. Ah! Since I did that layout.

Then this morning I realized I needed to get some images on the guides for the upcoming HKC challenges that use them, so I didn't scrap either.

I was doing #19 and realized all of #6's layouts were also numbered 19! I had to go through all of them and pick them out. That was a waste of time, but I thought positive that it was a blessing to have the images at least.

Then I was working on Themed Thursday some more this morning and I got through #8 and inadvertently peeked at the number of remaining layouts for the class ... 998! What! No wonder it was insane downloading everything. lol

I want to put up a new Themed Thursday for those who have done them all, thinking a new one each week, but somehow cannot make myself do that until I get the guides fixed into individual ones.

I'm also still working in the forum at the ID's. I'm down to 435! That is about half from a few days ago. Getting much closer to deleting it all from the server!

Tonight I do have my cleaning job, but maybe I can scrap my layout that I have in my mind too. We'll see.

I'm going to be sewing some new curtains this weekend while hubby is at work, then of course yard stuff as we have plenty of it and painting maybe at our son's house.

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