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Wow!  Is it almost May already?  April sure did fly by, huh? Where is the pretty weather to go with May?  I hope it arrives on time! Thanks to everyone who participates and comments here.  You make my day each and every time.


Dawn said…
Hello Hummie's World!!

I apologize for my absence. It's been crazy! And... I leave for Florida tomorrow!!! I'll be there till May 8th, the day after my birthday. Cindy has dropped all sorts of hints to the kids, but they still haven't figured it out, so it looks like I might be surprising them again come Tuesday morning! I'm so excited, and excited for all the layouts I can make with the bajillion photos I am sure to take on my cell phone.

I need to go to sleep!!! It's been an especially long weekend with a church youth group outing.

I just wanted to say hi, and no... I didn't drop off the face of the earth!! :)
Jody Taylor said…
I have been quite productive this month. 11 layouts, might even get another one in I guess.
Hummie B said…
Dawn, I know you'll have fun with those kiddos and I pray for a safe travel for you.

Jody. Wow! 11 is productive! You go girl! Ah!
Tammy said…
Wishing everyone a great Monday!!
Hummie B said…
You too, Tammy! I'm hoping for a semi-normal week.

No one is allowed to die! Seriously.

And no new surprises as we are still dealing with finding someone to put in a new window and getting estimates and it will probably have to be special ordered and we have no money for it. Seriously, no money. I had to take from savings just to buy groceries.

Forget iNSD I think. Sigh. Except freebies.

I have to do cleaning job 3 nights this week, small group Tuesday, Thursday night free.

I am making progress on this new class though! I have done 3 layouts (4th 11 months ago) and did some designing and wrote up all the introduction text in the last few days.

The funeral Saturday was a long drive, but I have a layout now in my head for it. . . . standing in the rain...
Jody Taylor said…
The weather forecast here is not good. Sydney has had some terrible weather from an East Coast Low and now another is forming near here. It seems we are expecting about 8 inches of rain starting tonight.

Cant say I am looking forward to it.
Maggie Adair said…
Happy snapping, Dawn, I'm sure you'll have an amazing time.

I've just got back from New Zealand. My friend's daughter got married & I spent a week with them after the wedding. Then I spent the ANZAC long weekend with my cousin in Auckland. I had such a lovely time & managed to take some good and some not so good photos which I will scrap over the coming weeks.

ANZAC for those who don't know, stands for Australian & New Zealand Army Corps. It's is one of Australia’s most important national commemorative occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.
Hummie B said…
Jody, Yikes, that's a lot of rain. Yeah, I wouldn't look forward to that either, except you might stay inside and scrap.

Maggie, I did not know what ANZAC was. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, but for me personally, I'm glad your back and hanging out here. :)

Happy Thursday! It's been a good week for me so far, but it seems I can never get anything done with my limited time on the computer. I'm still working on this kit for the new class although I did not work on it yesterday. I scrapped a page instead yesterday. Going to try some this morning.

I thought I had a free night tonight, but there is a photography club meeting I've missed attending for a long time since I was teaching Thursdays for a while. So I think I should go to the meeting.

Last night got the underside of our new $20 table painted a first coat and then cleaned the lab and then watched t.v.

I am also wanting to start a series of videos for the iPhone, but I need to get that figured out. I think I know how.

I've also been working on cleaning up my bookmarks. Chrome changed the interface and it took me a while to learn it.

I'm also doing research for where to vacation which takes time.

Hummie B said…
Do I blabber too much? As in my writings are too long to read?

I did get some more done on the kit and it is coming along nicely. I want to share a sneak peak, but then again, I just want to get it done.
Jody Taylor said…
No, not at all. you dont babble too much.

I still have not worked out the Chrome bookmark system.. unless I am missing something, I dont feel I have the same control over where my bookmarks are saving now.. I am a compartmentaliser .. I like to put things in boxes and my bookmaks are not an exception.

Rain still coming .. apparently.
Jody Taylor said…
Well we got the rain.. oh boy did we get rain... will let you know how much we managed to get in the rain gauge when it lets up enough to go read it.
Hummie B said…
Happy May 1! Whoo hooo!
Am I supposed to dance around a May pole today? Gotta find one. & some flowers

I got a lot of work done this morning and last night on the new class. I want to call the kit done. lol I have some other ideas, but designing just takes so much time. I have to say "self, it's done!"

I got the html pages done this morning. Those take a while when I have to do the navigation coding and rename all 21 pages and do meta data.

Plus, all over 1,000 pages needed a new link in the sidebar to the class.

I recorded the video, but it was processing when I left home for work.

So I just need to upload the video, embed it on the page, and package the kit and get it in the store and we are ready to go! Whoo hoooo!

I hope you like my idea for a new class.
Hummie B said…
Jody, be safe in that rain!

I finally figured out the new Chrome bookmarks. I had folders organized under a subfolder under "Bookmark Bar."

I had to move them to the new "Folders" place in the sidebar. Then I was able to work with them easier.

or hit Control Shift O
to get the the manager

It is still not as easy as the previous interface, but it is workable.

I just like how Chrome syncs to all computers, phone, and iPad, so if I change something in one place, it changes everywhere (if you are logged in).
Jody Taylor said…
Rain is over, sun is out. Our rain gauge ran over at 5 inches once so not sure how much we got then and we emptied it at just under 5 inches the second time. All up I would guess that here we would have had about 10 inches though in about 12 hours. Was running rivers through our yard.

I am going to have to actually sit and look at Chrome bookmarks.. I am just being lazy.
Hummie B said…
Jody, wow! That IS a lot of rain. I'm glad you are safe and I'm glad the water is running in rivers and not sitting as a lake! I hope you are drying off some today.
Tammy said…
Just saying hi everyone. The sun is struggling to shine here. No rain in the forecast for today, though and of that I'm glad. :) Hope everyone has a good day. Sorry I've been so quiet this week. It's just been kinda long...

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