Embossed label generator - Assorted Challenge #57

Do you know this ? It's a great way to improve your layouts, journaling or title.


This is Assorted Challenge #57.

Here is a sample layout I made.

Have fun!



Hummie B said…
Love this Anne-Marie!

I know there used to be one at Atomic Action, the wonderful lady who sold actions.

Can I make this the next assorted challenge?
AMarie T said…
Of course you can!
MiniCooper452 said…
What fun! Thanks for sharing!
Maggie Adair said…
This is supa dupa. Thanks for sharing. I'll have a go when I get home next week 😀
Hummie B said…
this is now Assorted #57. Thanks for the great inspiration, Anne-Marie.

I will change the post to link to the class guide.

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