#forgivenessfriday Try it with me! Leave a comment

#forgivenessfriday Try it with me! | That repairman that does not return your phone call.

Just leave a comment.

I also put this on Twitter and Facebook, so you can forgive more than one person or choose your place to comment.


Anonymous said…
I'm going to have to forgive my exterminator. I canceled the appt thru an email they sent to confirm the appt; however I came home today to find an invoice stuck in my door and fully charged for only half the service completed. So...deep breath and wait till Monday to get everything resolved!

Terry (eeddmm)
I forgive all things, large and small, that eat away at peacefulness, tranquility and true freedom in God. I forgive family annoyances and the thoughtlessness of strangers. I forgive the crisis of the world around us that results in war, hunger, displacement, cruelty and despair. I pray that soon Jesus will catch up his beloved faithful, and restore all to his glory.

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