Hi! I'm Carla Recipe Challenge!

Hi all!  I'm Carla Cooper (aka: minicoop, aka: mamacoop) and I've volunteered to help out with some of the fun stuff here in Hummie's World!  I'm so excited to play with y'all.

I live in Minnesota, just south of the Twin Cities with my hubby/best friend, Freddy and our Chug, Harley.  Our daughters Lacy and Anne and their families live close by, thank goodness.  Both have given us amazing grandchildren, the latest of which, Hunter, just arrived on March 30th!  If you've seen any of my work, you've "met" Kolten-4 (5 on April 17th) and Caddie-2.  Soon, I'm sure you'll get tired of seeing my layouts of Hunter as well.

One of the things I love to do is recipe/formula challenges.  I've collected a good number over the years and I'd love to share some with you.  These are just for fun..... so please HAVE FUN!

This one is very simple.  No specifics for where you put your papers or pictures; all just up to you.

3 pictures
2 solid papers
3-5 patterned papers
stack two of your papers for a background
use the rest of your paper as strips or photo mattes
add at least 7 unique elements, more if you like
add a title with alphabet stickers
add journaling
add any finishing touches and upload your linky!

Can't wait to see what you create.
Love and Blessings.


AMarie T said…
Cool, I'll be doing this one! Thanks, Carla!
Hummie B said…
Thanks Carla!

Hey everyone, Carla has been around HW for a long time. You may remember her from the forum. I'm excited that she has stepped up to volunteer to help keep things active around here. What a blessing for us all.
AMarie T said…
Here is mine :)
MiniCooper452 said…
Thanks Hummie. Glad you're home and safe. Wonderful layout AMarie! Thanks for playing!

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