Hummies Classes/Challenges Bi-Weekly Round-Up April 18, 2015

Sorry!  This was supposed to be posted last night......  Silly me.  There has been LOTS of stuff going on in Hummie's World, so get ready to be amazed!
Continued through April
Use it ! AMarie's April 15 Challenge

AMarie's Template Challenge ~ April 15

Continued until freebies are put into Esty Store

UseIt! #48 challenge (freebie on blog post)

Holiday Debit Card -- Use It! #46 Challenge #freebie #digiscrap

UseIt! Challenge #47 (freebie on blog post)

Hummie's Template 103 (Freebie on blog post)

Template #102 (freebie on blog post)

NEW Template 101 (freebie on blog post)

Previously mentioned challenges worth mentioning again
Freebie Template From Dawn!

Dawn's Font Challenge- KG Blank Space

Journey of a Book - Circle scrapbook - Join us! (Deadline passed on this one, but you can still submit until I get the book put together and shared).

New Since April 3, 2015
Assorted Challenge #45 Challenge and Freebie

Assorted Challenge #43 & Freebie

NEW Assorted Challenge 41 - and a Freebie

NEW Assorted Challenge #39 (freebie!) - Just scrap! 

Speed Scrap #23 & a Freebie

Assorted Challenge #37: Challenge 1 and Day 1 Freebie

Fun Challenge! Where in the World is Hummie's World?

NEW Assorted Challenge #48 - Family Heirloom

New Speed Scrap 24

Hi! I'm Carla Recipe Challenge!

Assorted Challenge #49 & Freebie

New Assorted Challenge #50 - Arrow of Time

New! Designer Lesson 69 - Stumble Upon

Assorted Challenge 51 & Freebie

Assorted Challenge #52 - Recipe from Mom, Grandma, or Great-Grandma

Assorted Challenge #53 - Personality and Physical Traits

Assorted Challenge #54 - Interval of Time

Assorted Challenge #55 - The Book Cover Archive

New Assorted Challenge #56 - Object of Memory

Sharing layouts and Chatting on Facebook

CD Albums (may have been popular in '07-08, but I wasn't digi yet, so I'm including it because it's a really clever way to reuse if your music collection has gone digi as well!!!)

With all of these regularly posted NEW and UPDATED classes and challenges, it's easy to get a bit overwhelmed.  There is so much to do and see in Hummie's World.

Have you ever had a lot of pictures that should go into one album, but you just don't know what to use as a theme or how to organize them?  Been there.  When our first grandson was born, he and Mom lived with us, so I was taking pictures almost every day and scrapping those pix on a regular basis.  His "First Year" album ended up being over 100 pages!  When our granddaughter was born, they lived over 1200 miles away, so we only got pictures once a week or so.  When I tried to scrapbook her album, I was lost.  **sigh**  Then I found Hummie's ABC Challenge!  It clicked and all fell into place.  Check it out!  There are, obviously, 26 classes, but there are LISTS!!! of ABC adjectives and ideas for just about any theme.  Go for it!  Organize those photos, collect those words and get going and scrap that event!

Love and Blessings,


Hummie B said…
Thanks Carla! Great post!

It's okay to be a little late, we are a no stress place! We just appreciate the help as you have time.

What a list!

It is large because of the new ones that came from the forum. I don't think I can keep that pace next time!

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