i hurt

i hurt

i cry

and no one cares

but my dogs

but they really want my chips

enough said

chips are comfort food

that goes with wine

a poem that is not a poem

by me

a complete failure at everything


Tammy said…
Sending you hugs and love in your hurting.
Hummie B said…
Thanks bunches, Tammy.

And for the prayers.

This too shall pass. Crying it out always helps, huh?
grambie said…
A good cry helps, along with a loud holler. You have helped so many people along the way, including me. I know the hurt can get a strangle hold on your life, but remember there is always a light. (I just laid another child to rest. That's two in 14 months. My son from Cancer and my daughter earlier with Heart and COPD.) So I am crying with you. Shirl {{HUGS}}
Patricia Rouse said…
Sending lots of hugs for you. You are such a great and wonderful person. You are such an inspiration to me. I love reading all your posts. I suffer from depression. I cry a lot too. But I read your blog daily and you always post a song or a prayer or just the right thing that I need for that very day. Please know that God is working through you. You are not a failure because you are helping me! Love you girlfriend!
Lois B said…
Sending you courage, strength and hugs as you go through this rough spot in your life.

Your blog is such an inspiration to us all. You always provide so much inspiration and words of wisdom. Your faith is your stronghold.
Hummie B said…
Thanks for all your words and encouragement. Sometimes I think no one reads as there are days with almost no comments, but then a few of you come along and touch my heart. Thank you.

I am better today.

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