I scrapped Themed Thursday #46 - Incredible Funeral Procession!

I used Anne-Marie's mask template for this layout which is her April Use-It! Challenge.  The month is only half over, so you can still get it here and join us in the challenge.

I am trying to move forward from the long time in getting information out of the forum to close it down and I want to get to some new content, but thought the best way to break free from what felt like had become a habit was to scrap first.  Scrapping is always good therapy.

One of my favorite challenges has always been the Themed Thursday challenge.  It began on the blog once a week on Thursday where I would announce "one word" to inspire everyone.  Soon it just because a one word class challenge.  I want to try to go back and catch some that I have missed and move forward. To me, it is amazing how one word can inspire a layout and even "make" the layout.

As time goes on, I will be breaking up the Themed Thursday guide pages so each one has it's own page so I can add your layouts.  Yep, I have them all downloaded and ready for the pages!  But coding the menu and creating the pages is time consuming, so it will happen over time.  The Template class is another one I will have to break up into individual pages.

I think the journaling speaks for itself on my layout.  What an incredible funeral procession I attended last week.  Just incredible.  Incredible is the Themed Thursday word for challenge 46.  I thought about doing flowers, but this was just so fitting.


AMarie T said…
It's a beautiful page. Thanks for using my mask! I enjoyed the whole Themed Thursday challenge.

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