Inspiring you to know . . .Sneak Preview

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I made this layout this morning as an example for an upcoming new class at Hummie's World.  I started working on this class 11 months ago!  It is time I finish putting it together and get it out, huh!  So many ideas, so little time.

I made this background paper and a few of the other elements on my page that are going in a new kit that I also started making 11 months ago.  Ack!  It took me a long time to make the background, but I'm fairly pleased with it and excited about it.

I do not think I am going to pre-scrapbook all of the challenges before the class is ready to be offered, but I do want to scrap enough to create the kit before I begin the class.  I am using my own layouts to inspire what might be needed for the kit.

Thank you for looking. I hope this peaks your curiosity enough that you may consider doing these new class challenges.


AMarie T said…
Sure I will do!
Picking colors palette from a photo ?
Hummie B said…
This challenge does involve a color palette, but not from the photo. The palette will come from other inspiration.
Patricia Rouse said…
You sure have peeked my interest. Can't wait for a new class since I already have so many I haven't completed. lol. New classes are always so exciting.

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