May DigiHop Colors Posted

I put up a new May DigiHop colors this morning.

I thought the "new life" theme was good especially since I am hoping the DigiHop will have some new life to it.

I have felt discouraged. I had someone tell me to close it (very negative over the months, about colors & my theme choices). Very few participants. So I skipped April.  I'm weary of trying to inspire and motivate people.  I'm weary of trying to compete for attention with all that is out there to take folks time.  I'm weary of negativity and people tearing me apart rather than supporting and building me up.  I'm weary of feeling like a failure in everything I do. I personally need some "new life" brought into me.

Please pass it on and ask those who design, or dabble in design for fun, to participate, even if it is a small element or a paper pack. The more that participate, the more successful it will be, the more excitement, and the more likely it will continue.


Maggie Adair said…
These are beautiful colors

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