New and simpler site header/banner

I've been working about an hour tonight (and a little more time this morning) and I think the new header is working finally. I removed a lot of the links from the old header. No need to repeat them. They are in the sidebar anyway. 

With the header being a shorter width, I had to keep playing with the coding.

The tutorials page is gone! Zipped away!

Often students say "Where are the class guides? Never heard of them." I wonder about that, especially those who have been doing the classes for a while. How could they not know where they are?  All the challenges are there.

So the "Home" page is now the "Class Guides" page. Whoo hooo! Now if they miss that....

I seem to spend my time trying to get people to read sometimes, as well as making the voluminous amount of information on this site as simple as possible to find and follow.


Karen Conner said…
I love when you hover over the titles-little pictures pop up!! COOL
Hummie B said…
Thanks Karen! I am happy to see you commenting on the blog. I hope you are able to scrap soon.

The pop ups on the banner have been there for years, but I just eliminated the links and the pop ups are now only 4 for simplicity.
AMarie T said…
Well done !

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