NEW UseIt! #49 Halftone Circle Stamp

I created this halftone circle stamp this morning.  It took me a while to make all those circles and mask them out!  How silly am I to spend so much time on something that seems so simple?

This is for UseIt #49.  Download it now while it is free.  When I finish the rest of Set 3, it will go in my Etsy store as a package, like Set 1 and Set 2, for a nominal cost for convenient download.

You can do all of the UseIt! challenges or just one.  I would love to see what you do with this file.  As always, use any products and upload and then link to the linky on the blog.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.


Here is my layout using the file.  I clipped a paper to the stamp, lowered the opacity of the paper so the half tone dots appeared, and then also used a layer style on the stamp itself to blend it into the background paper.


Very cute graphic! Retro-awesome! :)
Thanks for sharing!
AMarie T said…
So cool! Thanks for the freebie!
Tammy said…
Thank you. Off to play. :)

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