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First Posted 1/1/2009.  It is fun to see this again as a look back in time at how Project 365 began in the digital scrapbooking world.  Do you still do Project 365?  Do you have any new resources to link us up with?  Do you still put your layouts on templates?

I'm curious how Project 365 has changed over the years.  Is it still as strong for digital scrapbookers?  Where do you get your prompts?

It seems there is a great storm in the digiland to join the Project 365 by Creating Keepsake.  This project had been circulating years ago. And only now that digiland had the idea of making it into a project.

Anyone going to do it? I do not think I want to commit to anything (see my new years resolution!), but it sure looks like a great !

Understanding the concept -- a picture every day to look at your life. $39.95 is the original price, and we're giving you 10% off, so you'll pay only $35.95 (plus shipping). That's like 70 cents a week to get a complete years' worth in a scrapbook.

Here is a post on PhotoJoJo where it all began. "When Taylor McKnight started taking a photo a day on January 1st, 2004, he never imagined the project would not only serve as a way to remember a year, but also help him understand what was important to him in his life."

I am assuming that this can also be done digitally or in any other way.

Many are starting a new blog. I can see this making a great Shutterfly book rather than purchasing the traditional scrapbooking kit they offer.

There is a group of digi-scrappers gathering at Flicker.

They will have templates available at SBG (and they were everywhere in all stores and freebies on blog posts) too.

Here is Petra's 365 Blog where she is creating a blogroll.
Petra shares Debbie Fisher's templates at Pickleberry Pop.

I am sure we are to see even more templates pop up in the digiland.
Digiscrap 101 also has a group.

Need inspiration? How about some photo prompts? Here's a list at DST.

OH, and now we have a new acronym. Isn't it hard to keep up with all of those acronyms in the digi-world? Now we have "PAD"....go ahead...add it to your vocabulary!

However, this year with the CK challenge, they are just encouraging photographing your daily life.
Oh, and you could also do the daily mugshot as I have started. It is much easier.


I have sort of wanted to do this each year, but could never commit.  Because it is such a large commitment, Project 52 began for 52 photos, one a week, in a year.  

One year I did the 12 on 12, to take 12 photos the 12th of every month and I actually did it!  I uploaded my images to a Flickr album and put the journaling in the description.  Some day I am going to be able to afford to put that in the hard bound book I always intended to do.


Mommarock said…
I think I will make my own challenge for 365... since I am trying to learn to create my own things. I will try to learn to create 365. I want to create something for each of the 365 days of the year. An element, a background or overlay technique. And then I will be able to use them in my own digital albums and LOs.. I don't want to see 365 pictures of ME..
KarenS said…
I'm going to try again this year. Last year, I lasted until sometime in April. I'm doing mine digi.
mrscwooddell said…
Thanks for posting this Hummie, this sounds like fun...we could whip up a few templates too, I like the journling prompts too!
We also need to make sure that we have at least 1 photo a month of ourselves...the missing link in the
SassyPixie said…
Thanks for all the info Hummie! I'm giving this a GO!
Tiffany said…
Hi Hummie, Deb (the scrappin cop) sent me here when I asked her how to do something when I was on her page. I am thrilled to find your site, since your gift is teaching and hopefully I can figure out more about photo shop. I am really new to it and want to know everything but am lost most of the time. I will check out your tutorials and see how I do. Thanks
simplyred said…
Just wanted to drop by and wish you a wonderful and happy 2009. Your blog is great and I continue to be inspired by you.

Gypsy Gold Studio
Anne of Alamo said…
I registered this morning for the forum...and am not getting the email generated that says, click this to be authorized?
I checked spam and everything!
I can log in to look at forum, but not post...
the main reason I wanted to post was to say!
THANK YOU <---yep, I am yelling, I had such a fun time last nite just babbling...meeting new people and just wanted to thank you for the opportunity...I left at 11:50 PST, and my kids and I said Happy New Year and went to bed, but it was a nice "party" at your place and hee hee no clean up!
Thank you again, and I await the approval for your I can babble more!
Bev said…
I did a photo a day for a whole year in 2011, scrapped it and printed the book. I started it again in 2013, but found it too tedious and too demanding.

I did find a website that lets you post your picture a day in calendar format. It also lets you have followers and comments on the pics. That was kind of fun.

So while I took over 7000 pictures in 2014, I did not take one every day. Just some days, I took hundreds of pictures.
Hummie B said…
Bev, thanks for your comment. It is good to see you commenting on the blog. It is making me smile.

Way to go in 2011! That daily calendar sounds interesting and fun, if you can get people to go there to comment.

I wonder if people post their daily photos to Facebook.

I take a lot of photos too, but mostly with my phone now.

I think I do the same thing with my Twitter and my Twitter round-ups, but it is not daily, just when I have something I'm doing or seeing I want to document. I tweet them, then delete them and move them to the blog round-up posts.

I think for me, that's almost the same as documenting life every day.

I would like to do the daily prompts or weekly prompts and I may try to get that started on this blog again when things settle down for me.
Tammy said…
I use CY365 (Capture Your 365) photo prompts for my P365. I've been taking a daily photo since 2009.

For last year's and this year's scrapbooking layouts I'm using Prelestnaya P. Designs Project 365 Templates.

I've been doing it so long that I can't imagine not doing it!!!
Hummie B said…
Maybe some day I'll join you on that CY365 (Capture Your 365) photo prompts, Tammy. I get her emails. I know that is a popular thing.

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