QOTD - Yard Work

What yard work are you doing?

Happy weekend all!

We've worked 4 weekends in a row painting the inside and doing yard work at our son's house.  I think one more weekend yet before we finish the painting and cleaning, but there are plenty of other to-do's awaiting us over there.  It really takes away from doing for ourselves, but we find it a privilege to help out the younger people.

We did buy mulch and a few plants to start on our own flower beds today which we love and enjoy so much every year.

There is weeding to be done before we can lay the mulch, but hubby wants to wait until after the Maple helicopters fall and are picked up and I want to do it before.  If we do it before, there is less weeding.  If we do it after, we can rake the helicopters out instead of picking them out by hand.  Which is the easier, weeding more or hand picking helicopters?

We have already mowed two or three times.

We already removed the bricks that formed the steps into our flower beds because they fall in every winter, and closed in the retaining wall on those areas. We are still working on filling those areas of the beds with dirt.

We have shopped one day (Good Friday) for a new table and a serving shelf for the patio.  We are excited about the new serving shelf!  It's perfect!  Still looking for a table.

We are painting old shutters we picked up last Fall to make a partition for the patio to hide the trash cans behind the couch.  We are going to put them together with hinges.

We found good Missouri clay dirt to fill in part of the front yard where tree roots, from a tree cut down, are sinking into the yard.  The dirt still sits in the truck and we have to get that out and filled in.

We have been plugging and moving zoysia grass in the front yard.  We are determined to finally have the bad part of the year looking good.

We bought a new knock-out Rose bush to plant today, replacing the one we loved that died a few years ago.  I have some new flower bulbs to plant and just a few flowers.

We have been gifted with this old dresser that was turned into a vanity with a sink in it.  Last Fall we removed the sink and we have been painting the dresser and trying to find a good location for it in the yard.  No place seems to work just right. The back of it needs to be enclosed somehow and I think I'm going to go with material.  We looked at lattice, but it only comes in huge sheets.  I am going to repurpose a burlap table cloth I had sewed last year that has gotten sun stained by securing it so it goes down into the hole and filling the hole with purple wave petunias.  I'm not sure how that project will work, but it is a fun experiment.

Hubby is picking up a row of blocks that have sunk and adding more dirt under them to make them nicer along the flower bed that is ground level.

We got some sod yesterday to fill in where the dogs do their meet and greet with the fence in between that has turned to mud.  Bear, the dog on the other side, has a new "patio" to sit on from the blocks that used to be our steps.  His side of the fence was hopelessly muddy, but now we smile when he sits on his new "patio."  I'll be thankful for less muddy feet now!

We bought new big (inexpensive) pots for the banana trees because the old had gotten cracked.  We need to get those filled and the banana plants planted.

We hung two new ferns in the same 'ol spot on the patio, but the two ferns from last year survived the winter, so we need to decide what to do with them.

We are going to paint the metal swing white and have already painted the little metal tables white.  We have another circular table that I want to either get rid of this year or paint white that sits on the patio.

We cleaned up the patio couch cushions and bought a new inexpensive couch cover to protect it from muddy doggy feet.

We've already cleaned out the water fountain and filled it twice in recent weeks.

We have been working on all the weeds and dirt on the block walkway.  It gets horrible if it is not swept and maintained.

So much more that we have to do that I cannot think of it all.  Every Spring we go through all this work, but it is SO enjoyable to relax in the rest of the Summer.  It is all worth it!


Hummie B said…
No comments. I guess either no one is reading, I'm boring, or no one works in their yard.
Bernie said…
..or we're out working in our yards lol!!! Fun times!! xx
Hummie B said…
So funny, Bernie. I bet you are too!
I planted some clematis today, in big whiskey barrels that line my front deck. I am hoping that they grow into vines that will climb up the pergola. The moles have gotten into the rose bed and have eaten the roots, so I have dead bushes to replace. I have set spinners in the Rose bed, hoping the vibration scares the moles away!
Hummie B said…
Oh, I love clematis! Great choice. I think my clematis has died though too.

Stupid moles! I'm sorry they are causing you so much work, Sunny.

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