Question of the day ~ Identification

What person in the Bible do you most closely identify with?


Hummie B said…
oh goodness. That's a hard one. I think I need ideas and then I'll say "yeah, that would be me."

?David cause I've battled many giants and made many mistakes.

?Job right after he lost everything, yet somehow I keep hanging on through faith.

?Esther. Doing what's right for herself and the people she loves and trusting in God, even though it may be the last thing she does.

?Martha! I am always bustling around, busy, busy, busy, asking God to show me how to balance it all.

?Mary, with a heart for listening to Jesus

?Jeremiah because he weeped for his people

?Paul because he carries a thorn in his side

?James, leader and author

?Peter, denies God, yet God loves him so much; eager to do God's work, but relying on self

?Moses, ability to serve, yet resist

?Thomas, doubter

?Jonah. I procrastinate a lot.
Tammy said…
I'm going with Jonah. The procrastination definitely!! ;)
Maggie Adair said…
Thomas - lots of doubting

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