Recipe Jars

Here's a great idea! Why not make a cover to go around a jar for a gift jar with digital scrapbooking? It could be simply tied on with a ribbon, rather than glued down somehow (which would keep it from being easily re-usable).

What about just making the instructions for what is in the jar with digital scrapbooking and tying it around the neck of the jar with a ribbon?

Even simpler would be making something for the top of the jar (rather than the traditional puffed material).

Gift jars can contain mixes for cookies, hot chocolate, soup, bath salts, etc.

Here are some websites with recipes. Do you know of any more?  I am sure a search on Pinterest would bring up plenty of choices.

Gifts From Your Kitchen (click categories)
Mary Mae’s Jars and Mixes (formerly RecipeZaar)

This was a jar lid made by Dreamer in Denim and shared in HW forum. She wrote: I made this to top a jar lid for a friends birthday present. I put bath fizzies in the jar, tied a ribbon around the top and topped it off with this!"


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