Statistics -- Interesting & mostly meaningless

These are from my Google Plus page.  I mostly find the statistics interesting, but mostly meaningless.

Are the views of my Google Plus page really 7,100 as opposed to the website views of 9,610 in the last 30 days?  If this is accurate, shouldn't I be posting to Google Plus more?  But I post on Google Plus more and no one comments, so wouldn't that make my efforts meaningless?

Yeah, 11,700 on Youtube.  I need more time to do more with Youtube.  It's where the happening goes on.

Actually, it doesn't really "happen" anywhere.  For all the people who view, how many comment?  How many participate?  How can I get more to participate?

This is for one week on Facebook.  I'm not sure how to compare that to Google Plus.  What in the world is the difference between "total reach" and "post reach."  Is one actual and one probability?  In addition, the likes made are by the same handful of people, as well as the comments, so the other over-hundred people engaged must be people who just click to go to the blog to read, but not comment anywhere.  Those folks are none as lurkers.

This is the monthly post reach view on Facebook stats, which totally does not match the weekly statisticians above.  How do you make any sense of that?  In addition, with over 3,200 following the Facebook page, what good does it do if so few see it (i.e. 350/209).

So now that I've looked at all this, what am I to do with it?  Um.  Yeah.  Meaningless.


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