To Do app - revisited

I stumbled across this awesome app called to do (tomorrow). The interface is so easy and awesome!  I thought, "surely I will recommend this app."  And I do.  But in the end I decided it is not for me.  I even downloaded the iPhone app.  Notes can be added from the browser or the app, which is so convenient.

The basic premise is to make a to-do list and then just touch an item to have it marked as done (line through it) or hit the arrow to put off the to-do until tomorrow.  Anything not done today goes into tomorrow.

The edit button can be clicked to rearrange the list, edit the text, or delete.  The font is a fun handwriting font, although there is an option to have a regular font.

With this app is another one that can be integrated with this one to make journal notes about your day.  This app syncs with your calendar for keeping.  I tried it, but it never did sync with my calendar, but I loved the idea of keeping a short journal about my day and what I did, maybe the flowers that bloomed, or the things I accomplished.  However, I began to think, "how would these notes be preserved long term?"  Could they be converted from calendar to .pdf?"

Then I began to realize how distracted I had become by the great interface and the fun aspects of these apps.  I began to think, "do I really need another app?"  "Do I have something that would already do this?"

What about my blog for the journal notes?  I do not put everything on my blog, but maybe I could start adding daily journal posts.  Would the readers like that or would they be annoyed?

Then I remembered OneNote.  Yep.  I use OneNote for everything, so why not my to-do list and journaling?  Yes, I have time and time again begun to use OneNote for a to-do list.  It even has a handy checkbox built in for a to-do list.  Why do I not keep up with it?  Oh, I know!  It is not in my browser.  Wait.  But it is in my browser!  All I have to do is take the time to add a favorite/bookmark and log in.  Why am I getting distracted by new things?  Why am I making things more complicated?

So, I can even make it like a little checkmark journal thing daily.  I just have to add the day.  And then it can easily be printed or converted to .pdf.  Um?  Why am I being distracted?  I already have it on my phone and iPad and the program on both laptops.

So, I've taken this concept and created a new tab in OneNote.  Each day I do not get something done, I can copy it or move it to the next day for a list.

I can even make a checkmark for "tulips bloomed today," with an image, or other things that I did that day.

I can add images of my food, eating out, or recipes tried.

I can add images for my mood each day to cute-en it up.

I can even get a screen shot of it and blog it!  Ah!

I remember buying an app called "to do" years ago and loving it, then I quit using it to use OneNote.  Um, now I'm still waffling.  I need to just get with the system and make it a habit.


MiniCooper452 said…
I love reading what you go through to finally make a decision because it means I don't have to "go through" it. Thanks for the details. I'll have to try those apps. I like the idea of syncing and I need to be able to use on phone and computer.
I also "get" becoming distracted by new stuff! argh!

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