Twitter Round-up | April Week 1

Apr 1 I love the smell of fresh Spring rain in the air!

Apr 2 Ouch!! The filing cabinet bit me! Shaved off a layer of my nail and skin. Biggest boo-boo in a long time. Can I type?

Apr 2 Where should we vacation to this summer? On a low budget.

Apr 2 3 day weekend patio unwind beginning-- what I won't tell you is that the book is about dieting. Oops. I said it

Apr 2 So far, the book affirms my wine and chips. Oh my! Genesis 2:16 (stretching it a bit)

Apr 2 How did the dogs managed to run in the yard and not get any Doodoo on their toes; And I, of course have it between my toes. Playing with dogs in the yard

Apr 3 The dogs sure we're scared of that storm; one went under bed; one curled against me; dogs woke us up at 3 am or so.

Apr 3 Spent the day shopping at antique stores; absolutely love the shelf we found for the patio!

Apr 4 My Uncle Bob passed away at 3:30 this morning.

Apr 4 Spent the day painting again at our son's house; living room done!

Apr 4 That's one lost duck in a sea of Easter grass. Had a great time helping out with the children's event at church.

Apr 5 Hyacinths on the Easter table -- from son's yard ; spent day working in son's yard until he got off work, had dinner together, then watched a movie.

Apr 5 Lemon chamomile tea - sleepy time

Apr 7 Super long line at Uncle Bob's funeral visitation. What a tribute.

Apr 8 About a 100 car processional on Highway 64 and 270 in St. Louis in honor of my Uncle Bob. Never seen such a thing.


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