Twitter Round-up | April Week 2

Apr 8 Bridal's wreath blooming in my yard

Apr 8 Opened windows-- breathing in deep fresh air.

Apr 9 Look at what getting rid of a 25 year old refrigerator and stove does to our utility bill! @AmerenMissouri

Apr 9 @AmerenMissouri Ack! We missed out on the the $50 rebate!

Apr 9 I had to wait until storms passed until I could de-bra it... Cause I can't be rescued from (most unlikely) storm damage without it. #comfort

Apr 10 Big Changes Coming to Capaha Park

Apr 11 You have reached the last page of the internet. Now you can turn off you computer, go outside and play. What a concept.

Apr 11 Worked all day painting in our son's house and cleaning; made lots of progress! 4th weekend in a row over there; one more at least.

Apr 12 Our first new plants of the year; so ready to work in the yard!

Apr 12 Redbud blue sky! (taken while shoveling dirt out of the truck to fill all the holes in the front yard made by decaying roots of trees we had cut down years ago)

Apr 12 So excited for my new patio serving shelf! It's perfect! Picture plates, cups, drinks, casseroles, chips, condiments

Apr 12 Orange infused water, anyone?

Apr 14 As always, my dogs managed to find whatever little poison ivy is in the yard and were gracious enough to share it with me.

Apr 14 Oh no!! My favorite-- used daily -- teapot broke! How will make tea?

Apr 14 I think our first time red-throat-ed bird taking up residency in our fern my be a purple finch. Need to get photo.


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