Video Lyrics - Plumb | Smoke & Psalm 121

This song is really beautiful by Plumb.  In part of the lyrics it references "You are my hope, you are my soul, you are the oxygen inside these weary lungs" and "You are my shelter when it all goes up in smoke" and "my healer, provider, you are my God, protector, my strength and shield, your are my God."

I absolutely love these lyrics!  Last weekend at Aunt Jeanette's funeral (great-aunt, age 96) it was shared that her favorite Bible verses were Psalm 121.

In small group, we always start with a Bible verse to inspire us to praise God during prayer and so I used Psalm 121.  One Bible version used a lot of the word "protector" many times.  We praise God for being our protector!

I also have a Great-grandmother who loved the hills in Iron County, Missouri, and I have a pull and desire for them too.  The first verse makes me think of how I can stand at the bottom of a hill or mountain and realize that even though it is so great and it would seem to protect me from storms and shade me from the sun, it does not compare to God who is my real help and protector.

This song really made me think of Psalm 121 and I feel they go together so well.  I am enjoying reading the various versions of the Psalm this week to understand its meaning even more.  Here are a few below.


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