Wednesday, Fun Day Scrap

Leroy The Plant

 This is the 4th day in a row we've had too much fun with Leroy!  Smile with us

I found this template in my stash from one Anne-Marie had shared on Hummie's World that I never used and it was perfect!  The fun "Smile" is from a kit by Dawn Inskip at SBG.

Journaling reads:  I told hubby to dig up this ornamental grass from Jaron’s house because it was too big to be pleasing, but to be careful not to harm the Heather next to it.  He said “If that is Heather, what is this?  Leroy?” Hubby was hilarious while digging it up making funny antics and riding the shovel stuck into Leroy like a bronco.  He left Leroy until today to pick up to dispose and I told him to take a hat.  This is the photo that he texted to me saying “hard working plants!”
I am tempted to put digital eyes, nose, and mouth on Leroy and can imagine his beard.  I think his name is “Leroy Green” at the
moment, but will soon be changed to “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” as he withers.  Oh, we can have fun with the little things!

Sing with me now!


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