American Idol Chatter

See my blog post from April 10 to see who I predicted to be the winner.

My "peg" roll continues! I "peg" a winner each season and the winner has always been at least 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place.  The one I was most likely to peg "because I was really struggling to decide" made 2nd place!  The winner was on my list too!  In fact, I do believe the top 7 was on my list too.

I've had many people disagree with me, in real life, adamantly telling me I am wrong, and then each time my guesses have been right on.  It makes me wonder how I can hear quality in voices when I cannot sing anything in a bucket.

Unfortunately, it was announced that American Idol will have it's last season January of 2016, so my winning streak of a guessing game will come to an end then too.


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