Arrow Prayer: The Big Picture

5.27.15 Arrow Prayer:  Lord, I saw a graphic that indicated, "sooner or later you will see the big picture" and it referenced You, God.  Thank you for reminding me that, especially in this day and age of the internet, there are many false teachings, and thank You for giving me the wisdom to see that the text was false.  Today as I reflect on a change in my life, a desire I had wished for seeming to be a closing door, wondering what Your plans are for me in this avenue of my life, I am reminded that I may never see the big picture and Your purpose.  It Your choice, Lord, as to whether or not I will learn Your reasons.  My responsibility is to just trust in You and enjoy the colors of the moment, not the entire rainbow of life.


Diane said…
just love your writing and thoughts. so true for me too! thanks for sharing.
anitab said…
Thank you for posting this! You're right - we cannot count on knowing the big picture here on earth, but isn't it wonderful when we do get little glimpses!
Maggie Adair said…
Ja, we don't always see what God is doing & why He thinks some trials would be good for us to go through, but we do need to just keep trusting Him. Lovely post, Hummie, thought provoking so thank you

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