Arrow Prayer: Life without an Eraser

5/19/15  Arrow Prayer:  Lord, thank You for today!  It is such a perfect wonderful Spring day.  What am I going to do with my today?  I would like an answer from You and I am not getting one.  Does that mean I am supposed to just enjoy the day and not focus on to-do's?  That is so hard for me.  Why do I always have to be so busy?  Why is that in my nature?  Help me to do today that which is in Your Will -- for my day is like an open artist's sketchbook ready to be penciled in, but without the eraser on the other end.  I cannot go back and re-do life.  I cannot take back words.  I cannot say words within a circumstance once that moment is gone.  I cannot reach into time and grab a moment back.  I just want to walk next to You to be sure I'm putting into that sketchbook of life what is right.  Thanks again for this beautiful day, Lord.


DebR said…
Really like this! It's beautiful...and I really love the Arrow Prayer: Life without an Eraser.
anitab said…
Love the prayer (& the photo layout, of course!). The part about words is especially speaking to me today - 2nd time already this morning that this subject has been brought to my attention - thank you for sharing your arrow prayer - it is my prayer, also!
stacilys said…
Lovely prayer Hummie. I like how you pointed out the pencil without an eraser and not being able to re-do life. It makes me think about how it's so important to make conscious decisions with out actions and words.

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