Different or odd?

“Christians should be different, not odd. When you are different, you attract people; when you are odd, you repel them.”- Warren Wiersbe

This quote was shared in a devotional today and really struck a chord with me.  For someone who always feels rejected, I wonder if I am odd.  Then again, sometimes I think people follow me quietly, just reading on my blog, or observing my life without speaking, and I wonder if I am different.

So, I would like to think I am sometimes different and sometimes odd.  Is that a good thing?  Balance even or shifted to one end or the other?

What are you?


Bev said…
Just different. :)
anitab said…
That quote really struck me, also - in fact, I shared it with my husband when I read it. I hope I'm different! Hummie, your 'difference' has allowed you to teach and minister to so many people - viva la difference! :)
Maggie Adair said…
I like being an 'odd ball' LOL!. I think 'odd' depends on what you see as 'odd'. But yeah, we need to be careful to make sure our actions draw people rather than repel them

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