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Bernice shared this blog post, with scrolling images at the top, and I just had to pass it on to the readers of this blog.  But before I link it, to explain more, Deb started a thread at HKC about a "photo and truth from God's Word related to it." You can find examples on her blog.

I was reminded how I just love to do analogies in photography.  I did them long ago.  I used to call them "garden analogies" and I found them and uploaded them to a Flickr album.

I'm really feeling a tug and a pull to get back into creating more of these.

So back to the inspiration found and shared by Bernice, visit "God in the Ordinary" blog post.  I found on the scrolling images I could not read the text fast enough, so click down with your mouse to pause it.  Then read the article below the slider of photos.

You see me sharing photos on Twitter Round-up (or right now my blog ramblings) (all now under "ramblings" label on my blog), where I often feel I am good and appreciating the little things.  I take photos with my cell phone all the time of the little things that I see and appreciate.  Even if it is just the way my drink looks in a glass.

I sometimes think this is also somewhat my "photographer's eye" as I have shared many times before that learning to see the world in a bunch of little bitty "composed camera lens views" changes the way you look at the world.

God's presence is everywhere (omnipresent), but we just need to tune into it.

If you have any photos like this, feel free to put them on flickr and add your description to the Flickr post and link it up.  I'd love to see it.


anitab said…
Your garden analogies were one of the first things that drew me into your blog! I love them.

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