Happy iNSD! Save 60% & Share your finds in comments

Happy iNSD!  I used to wait soooo long for these bi-annual sales and special days and now it seems like they come around faster and faster.  

I created a 60% off coupon for you to my Etsy Store.  There is a $10 limited purchase, but with 60% off that would make your check out only $4.

If you were wanting to do the template class or any of the other classes that have a product available, now is the time to stock up and start scrapping!

I appreciate everyone who makes a purchase to give back to me for all the resources offered here at Hummie's World.  It really does mean a lot to me!  You can also just donate (read here), but why do that when you can get stuff instead, well, unless you already have all the stuff because most of it has been given away previously anyway.  (oh happy happy!)

COMMENT on this post and feel free to share your iNSD finds, freebies, and great sales.  That has always been one of the fun things we have done here at Hummie's World to celebrate.  Headed to a challenge in the digiWorld?  Let us know in the comments so that we might join you.


Hummie B said…
I'm making the Digiscrap Parade hop! How did it get away from me? Started yesterday. I need more hours in the day: https://digiscrapparade.wordpress.com/2015/05/01/may-2015-in-the-garden/
Hummie B said…
SugarHillco always has a nice hop: http://www.sugarhillco.com/blog/shco-nsd-2015-blog-hop/

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