He put my tears in a bottle

I've done my fair share of tears and restless nights this week.  Nothing major, just drama from various places online.  Why do I keep subjecting myself to this online world? It would be so easy to just walk away.  It's not like they can chase me through my computer screen.  (well, not too discredit bad people and being safe online for real life purposes, but these people aren't they)  Maybe I grow and gain from these relationships and circumstances and maybe God wants me in them to reach others for His purpose.  I'm here.  That's all I know.  I just keep moving forward and learning and changing who I am.  I'm only concerned about changing me and I let God do His thing outside my knowledge.

Several days ago God brought me to this Bible verse and I have wanted to create an image with it for the last several days.  So tonight I grabbed the bottle, a handkerchief, a back side of a little frame, and some flowers, and did some still life photos on my kitchen tablecloth to create this image.

Wow!  He loves me that much that he cares enough to count my tossings in bed at night, gather my tears drop by drop and put them in a bottle, and kept the purposes for my tears journeled in a book.  I just love how that makes me feel.

I have read that the tears part is from an old tradition to capture one's own tears of sadness upon a love one's passing into a bottle and then bury the bottle with that person's ashes.  It seems so poetically piercing of the heart.

To know my tears have a purpose and can be used for good by God makes me feel special.  God has a way of making me feel special.  Only God can turn my tears into joy and wipe them all away.


kay wisdom said…
love this, thank you. Kay.

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