Psalms 16:11 In His Presence & Pleasures

I really liked this week's Take Me Deep devotional at HKC which took a turn for a new theme for the month of May of "sanctuary" and rest and refuge and self-care and our whole being.  The Digital Faith Art group challenge was to utilize my tutorial for Folded Pop-up Words (Course 2, Lesson 78).  I thought about trying to take it further with textures, but I really felt drawn to the simplicity of the gradient paper in the tutorial.  It matched the theme of the Bible verse I was studying.

Rather than my traditional art journaling of underlining text, I decided to highlight the words that stood out to me by using the pop-up words, as well as to bring forth meaning in just a little text.

I like that this really goes with my one-word theme of the year, "gaze."

I took this photo on Saturday while laying on a blanket having a picnic.  Somehow, when you lay down and look around from angle you do not normally see a scene, it changes and you see something new.  The photo was taken with my head cocked to the right looking behind my head.  I would have never seen this sitting upright.

I felt the "path" through the forest came through this photo as meaningful with the Bible verse, as well as the presence of God, the sense that God is there, and the pleasure in His creation.  At least I really did feel God's presence in that moment and I remember it, but I hope it comes through to the viewer too.


anitab said…
Beautiful. And, taken together with your other layout and post, it expresses something I am really feeling and needing right now, something I wouldn't usually talk about, but I'm craving quiet and me time; and this layout shows me that the part I really need is to have a sense of being in God's presence.

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