Psalm 16:11 Path of Life

This is for the His Kingdom Come, Take Me Deeper, Week 5 devotion.  This is also for the Digital FaithArt Challenge at HKC using my Course 2 Pie Shape tutorial (Course 2, Lesson 97).  We choose these tutorial techniques 15 weeks at a time, so I never know what verse will be for what technique and it is always amazing how it shapes my layout for me each week, trying to make the technique relate to the theme.

Also, after reading the verse, I had an image in my head of trying to use paths, such as a photo of a road, which is common for "path" verses.  But I had just downloaded this kit from the newsletter sign-up for With Love Studio and I saw it was about travel and thought that I could make it fit, so I did!  I just love how "God winks" (His timing) work.

Once again, as seems to be the case a lot lately, I read the verse and first think about "Jesus guiding me along the path" and "trusting Jesus to direct my ways."  I think these things because it feels so "life application" for me.

Then I begin to do my Bible study and think and write my thoughts, as well as snippets of thoughts from a variety of commentaries, and I begin to realize that God has taken me in a 180 degree again!  It is NOT about me!  It never is about me.  It is ALWAYS about Christ and Him crucified.  Every verse in the Bible is about Him.  I am such a self-centered sinner sometimes.  Sigh.

Our life has many "paths" that we take (yes, with His guidance), but this Bible verse says "path of life."  Singular. One path.  The path.  The one way.  To heaven.  He fills me with joy.  It is nothing I do.  He gives me eternal pleasures.  Not the earthly pleasures as I think selfishly.  His right hand is in heaven, not on earth.  The angels are in heaven full of joy over my faith.  Do you see it?  The verse is about Jesus, not me.

But then again, I am on this earth.  And I am bound to Christ while on this earth.  And I do travel about this earth as I take my journey until I pass from death to life when I begin another journey.  And what an adventure this earthly life is!  Let's go!  Let's go it together with Christ!

The devotion on HKC for this week is focused on Jeremiah 2:13 and "living water" and "shalom."  It if very good.  I encourage you to read it.  However, the verse for the week was the above verse which sort of relates to the devotion, but on my Bible study journey this morning, I could not make it to relate.  I suppose I could have done one on Jeremiah 2:13, but I try each week to just stick with the chosen verse they give, whatever it may be, this time being Psalm 16:11.  There are many choices to take in the inspiration of these devotions.  Choose where you are inspired and join us.

I hope you enjoy my text on my graphic which is where God took my Bible journaling study journey with me today.


anitab said…
Thank you!!

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