I'm on a white kick!

On a White Kick

I did this for a challenge by Dawn Inskip and the template is amazing!  No kidding!  I felt like "just scrapping" and decided to do a layout portraying my today, or even my week, or month.  I finished painting this trike planter white tonight and putting it back in place, but we have been painting literally everything white for a while, and I have much more white painting projects on the to-do list.  I think a lot of the things we have been painting have been long overdue, but I could have chosen any color, but right now, I'm in love with white and splashes of colors.

I have some amazing challenges on this blog to do too, especially some Anne-Marie came up with.  I'm thinking I may "just scrap" some more as I've had a few difficult behind-the-scenes moments lately making me question what I'm doing.


Tara D said…
Oh wow! I love this! I hope the "behind-the-scenes moments" don't bring you too much stress. I don't know what they entail but I just want you to know I really appreciate all that you do here on the website. (I even caved and went ahead and ordered PSE now instead of waiting until fall because you inspire me so much to want to continue scrapping! It should be here next week! HUGS!) And thank you again for all you do!
anitab said…
It's a great layout - and I like seeing another layout from your garden! You are accomplishing so many goals; I'm glad this one was for you and your garden - so many of the goals you accomplish are for US - and we thank you!!
Hummie B said…
Tara! How awesome! We will celebrate that PSE when you get it in. Let us know.

Anita, you are forever so sweet. Thank you.
Diane M said…
Love the white layout. Very inspiring!
AMarie T said…
Thanks for sharing, it was a good template, I used it, too. Here is my page

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