Layout of the week ~ May 15, 2015

Presenting Hummie's World Layout of the Week...
 ~ Asheville ~
by DonnaLJ

I really like the gradient and the photo is absolutely gorgeous! I like how the photo is the focal point and the elements are just complimentary. Congratulations to DonnaLJ! The photo is linked. If you have the time, click it and leave some "warm fuzzies" on the layout. :)

Come visit us at Hummie's World and create some layouts of your own! Share them at Hummie's World Flickr group and maybe you'll see your layout featured here on the blog!


Hummie B said…
How did you know I had my eye on that layout? I saw it was a gradient tutorial too. It is such a great example of a unique way to use the gradient tool.

Plus, I think I'm going to that area for vacation this summer.
MiniCooper452 said…
This layout is awesome! I'd love to know how you accomplished the look.
Hummie B said…
Carla, it was done with a gradient.
Look at these tutorials.
Pop Up folded text:

It is how you place the markers for the gradient that creates that effect.
MiniCooper452 said…
Crazy! Gonna have to try these. Thanks.
Maggie Adair said…
Amazing effect. I think I'll have a go too :)

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