Presenting Hummie's World Layout of the Week  

by Rachel Herron
Today I Choose Joy! What a wonderful thought. I've always told my kids, and try to live it myself, every morning you rise and you can choose to have a good day or choose to have a bad day. If you choose to have a good day, bad things can happen, but you can deal with them. If you choose to have a bad day, you're going to have a bad day. I love Rachel's beautiful photo and the lovely accents. Her choice of additional words that give her joy make me smile too. I love the simplicity of the white background and very few additional colors, but they compliment the photo perfectly.

Congrats Rachel! Click on the photo and leave her some love (and hugs) if you have some time.

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Love and Blessings!



Hummie B said…
Thanks for reminding us to choose to have a good day!

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