May 18 - All Stacked Up & Out of Sorts | a Poem | and Squirrel Spectacles

I did my Twitter round-up post and, as I've thought previously, why do I put all this info on Twitter just to spend time rounding it up to put it on my blog, deleting it from Twitter? Well, yes, if I put photos on my Twitter and appear the "real me" then more folks will realize I am real and will follow me. Some truth to that. Even I do not like following accounts that just market. I don't like even having to click from Twitter to go to a blog or Facebook to read, so I wouldn't want to make them do that by blogging first, right? So I wrestle with myself.

I've done this before, but am feeling that I need to try it again, to just blog.  I can do it easy enough from my phone all day long on the Blogger app and then upload and fix typos from my laptop browser before posting.  I can even have Siri translate and just talk rather than type.  Let's see how it goes.  I'm giving myself a week.  I made my Twitter round-up as Week 2 + because it is more than a week long.

I receive almost no comments on my twitter round up posts, so I wonder if a daily post will be any different.  I'll just keep wondering.  I do that a lot.

I also post what I'm doing each day on the chatter and layout comments when I wonder if I should just be putting that in a blog post.  Maybe we should have a layout post for the linky and then chatter on my ramblings posts?  Maybe that's too much change.  Yeah, too much.  I'll just go with the flow.  Blog like blogging was originally for, personal thoughts.  Except my thoughts won't be contained to few characters like Twitter!

This is what I see when I sit on the toilet.  Yeah.  Empty nesters don't close doors.  As I reflected on the porcelain throne this morning, I realized that this was sort of an analogy:  "This is my life, all stacked up and out of sorts, and yet I'm still shouting out "I love you, Lord." 

See what the chalk board says on the wall in the photo?

We are in the process of sanding and putting polyurethane on the floor of the guest bedroom and the "retro room."  We are doing the far half of the room first and then will push all the furniture and stuff to the finished side and do the side nearest the door.  We shall be smelling polyurethane for a while.  A second coat was put on this morning and I think it needs a third coat.  Then it will have to dry two or three days before we can move the furniture onto it to do the second half.  This really needs to be done while we have the windows open.  We bought the polyurethane almost two years ago now, so this project has been on my to-do list for quite some time.

I don't think hubby really wanted to do it, feeling like it would be a hard job, so it got procrastinated.  We have been busy painting and doing stuff outside, but that has to be put on hold to do this while the windows are open.  I knew it would not take long, so I timed it.  It took 45 minutes to sand the first half of the guest bedroom and 10 minutes to paint it.  It took even less time to do the retro room.  It took the longest to find a clean brush (because someone doesn't clean them when his wife is not watching, just like a kid).

Hubby told me he had a surprise for me when I got home from work and this was it.  It is a wine bottle, iris from the yard, and a poem written by hubby on the kitchen table.  So sweet.  He used to write me poems all the time, especially courting me before we were engaged.  It has been a long time since he has written me a poem.  I wonder what this one says!

The wine bottle was a new St. James Pineapple Mango which I drank last week.  It took me all week to drink too, which means I only had a tiny glass each night.  Yeah me!  The poem reads,
Ah yes
Rose are Red
and Violets and Blue
but my friends
"Pineapple" & "Mango"
were picked just for you! (exclamation mark with a heart at the bottom and a smilie)
Always me. . .

Laughing out loud,  (sing with me) so my Iris has a first name, it's . . ."
So each Iris has it's own name now.  I wonder what he'll name the next batch.

We were completely out of dog food, I mean, my dogs were hungry and the dry dog food was gone, so I had to run to the store to get some.  I saw this dog shirt and just had to laugh.  I can identify!  The symbol in the middle is a squirrel.  The girls (Ria & Tizzy) always sit alert watching for squirrels in the yard, and the squirrels appear to actually be teasing them, and the chase is on!  Yep, we have our very own backyard security!  No, I did not buy the shirt.  A photo is good enough.

We are about ready to buy a BB gun to shoot some squirrels.  Seriously! We have had it with them destroying our yard, patio, and porch, making themselves at home in our personal space.  They are not scared of us at all, sitting just feet from us as if they are watching us instead of the other way around.  Yes, we have become squirrel spectacles.

We are currently using our son's pellet gun, but need more time to see if it is effective.  We are not too effective at hitting them as the gun never shoots the same direction twice.   But we have had those squirrels on the run.  I'm sure our neighbors are laughing at us running around the yard shooting up into the trees.  I'll pound on the patio roof, as they are driving me nuts walking up there, as hubby shoots at them as they run off when I scare them.  Team work.  I am sure we are quite the spectacle if any neighbor is watching.

I worked a bit tonight trying to help someone design a logo.  I'm not being too successful.

I am in another Fitbit challenge competition this week.  The thought of running in place while sucking in extra polyurethane-infused air does not excite me.  Can I get up the will power?

I've been having trouble sleeping lately.  I am sleeping in more than I usually do which is keeping me from getting things done.  Is it the windows being open?

Good day y'all.


Lois B said…
I love how your hubby leaves you notes! You are blessed.
Hummie B said…
Me too, Lois. Love when he leaves me notes. Every time. I should leave him notes. I should do that.
Tammy said…
So enjoyed reading this. :)
Bev said…
My dad got a bb gun for his squirrels. They learned. Now he just has to open the porch door and they take off. Although, he has had to shoot at the new ones.
Hummie B said…
Glad to know it works. Just wish it were permanent. I don't want to kill them, just chase them away.

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