May 21

It was 63 degrees in the house when I woke up.  Brrrr.  I refuse to turn on the furnace and continue to try to save money.

Today was my oldest son's birthday.  I texted him.  Twice.  He never replied.  Little do my sons know how much they hurt me.

I did a layout for Themed Thursday about "Peace" before work and really enjoyed that.

This is another break day for the floor finish because we are letting it cure before we move the furniture on top of it to do the other half of the room.  Our plan is to wake up early on Friday morning and move the furniture so hubby can work on it while I'm at work.

I'm trying to get up the motivation to have my co-workers to my house for lunch one day and sent out a "feeler" email to see who was interested.  Now I just need to do it.  I need to pick a pretty day and make a decision on food.  I do not know why this seems to be a hang-up for me.  I think I'm afraid of being judged.

It is finally a nice Saturday coming up and I had hoped to get together with my Mom for a belated Mother's Day, but she said she is busy.  At this rate, it will be her birthday before we get together.  Then I was planning on going to my friend's daughter's confirmation party on Saturday, but with Mom canceling half the plans I had in my head, I decided to send a card.  I feel so guilty canceling on her as my friend has done so much for me. It is such a long drive and a lot of gas money.  We spent a long time going back and forth on what to do, but there are other things locally we want to do that we have never had a chance to do before because we always have something else going on.  I mailed a card with a gift.

I called the vet today to see what we could do for Ria because of her loud crying when we go in the car.  She tries sooooo hard to be good, but cannot stop herself.  We are planning a camping trip in a few weeks and are taking the dogs. We have learned from experience that she will cry for about an entire hour and then throw up and then finally get quiet.  Regardless of how long the trip "there" is, whether long or a short one in town, she is always better on the return trip. The vet recommended 5 mg of Dramamine which should keep her quiet for 2 hours.  We are supposed to test it before our trip and let them know if it does not work and they have something else for us to try.  But what about the short trips around town?  It was suggested to cut the pill and try a lower dosage, but those pills are much too small to cut.  Time will tell as we test.

After work, Miss Tizzy was once again trying to eat the leaves of this Purple Cone Flower plant.  I've been catching both girls (dogs) trying to eat it. I'm not sure why they are so attracted to it.  Miss Tizzy says, "Mom says I cannot eat this plant because it might be poisonous, so I'm going to chew on some mulch for a while instead, right here in front of the plant, just to intimidate Mom and send a message that I win."

I took her pajamas off her hind legs and pulled the p.j. legs around her belly and pinned them.  I think this is working much better.  I may have to sew a button on there for next time.  She still looks like a giraffe.

This is a bad cell phone pic, but my new lavender herb plant is blooming. I'm researching recipes and I mostly see lavender lemonade made with the simple syrup method I have already been doing.  They seem to only use the flower parts and I do not have enough flower parts.  I think I would rather just stick it in my drink to make it look pretty this round until the plant grows.  I'm going to think on it, but have to do something soon.

I made some peach mint simple syrup tonight, but did not get to taste it in a drink yet because I was finishing off the last batch.  I learned that I needed to take off the skin of the peach first and I also need to blend the peach like I did the mango before using it.  More steps!  It looks yummy though.

I couldn't stop eating the leftover peach parts after I strained out the simple syrup liquid.  It felt wrong to eat them as they were because they were so sweet, like peach pie goodness without a shell or topping.  I found a container of peach yogurt in the refrigerator, topped it with some cereal, the peach leftovers, and strawberries.  It was a yummy dinner for me.  Simple goodness.

I couldn't resist making some sweet corn for dinner too.  Oh my, was it good!  I've been making it in my potato pouch in the microwave that I got at a craft fair a long time ago.  That thing is magical! They call them "potato bag" on Etsy and I really need to order me a new one from someone as mine is getting ugly with some burnt spots.  Or maybe I can figure out how to sew one for myself.  I found a video.

I watched the Survivor finale online and snuggled in bed to keep warm.  I am totally unmotivated to try to get steps today or do much of anything.


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