May 23 - We finally had an awesome fun day!

We went to bed around 11 p.m. and I was wide awake at 3 a.m.  I tinkered on my phone and listened to the sounds and enjoyed the peaceful night and eventually fell back to sleep.  I woke again around 6 a.m. and did the same thing, unable to awake hubby.  I woke again around 7 a.m. and finally was able to get some movement out of hubby, but it took a long time before he would actually get out of the bed.
Making tea and coffee, we checked out the bedroom.  Yep, I won the bet.  Bubbles everywhere.  I could not get a good photo of them to justify how horrible it looked.  Now the whole floor will have to be resanded, all because he insisted a roller was faster, when doing a brush would have probably only taken five minutes longer and I was willing to do the whole thing myself.  It's all about proving he is right and then this is just stress on our marriage.

I wanted to get out of the house to go enjoy the 100 mile Yard Sale.  I've never been able to check it out before because we are always busy.  Instead, we have to undo everything we did last night first.  I cannot deny I'm a bit aggravated, but I'm trying to remain calm and focus on the beautiful weather.

After hubby worked a while sanding, I decided that I was not going to let it ruin our plans for the day.  I was feeling frustrated not even wanting to look at the floor because I knew it was not going to be satisfactory.  It was going to take time to do it right.  Dad always said, "If you're going to do something, do it right or don't do it at all."  So do not rush things just because of impatience and take time to do them right.

While driving to the beginning of the 100 mile yard sale, I had envisions (because I've learned I have a visual memory) of the living room floor over 20 years ago having bumps on it for years.  Yep, I am remembering that we did this before and we either left it, thinking more coats would smooth it out, or we were unable to get out the bumps.  I'm working hard on getting it out of my mind and letting it all roll off.

We stopped at the train station in Jackson and found the lot full of yard sale booths.  I found these adorable potholders for $2.50 and bought two of them, one for me and one for a gift.  We spent $5.  I felt good that we at least found one thing so our trip would not be wasted.  I am going to use mine as a coaster for my tea or to hold hot bowls of soup.  I'm sure there will be photos of our purchases in later posts.
We headed down 25 and were welcomed with signs.
It seems we stopped at a few more yard sales before we even saw the start signs, but I cannot remember for sure.

It was crazy!  We were exclaiming at the amount of people and the amount of yard sales and the amount of junk.  Most of it felt like it was junk.  Stuff people should just throw away.  But there were also a lot of good finds too.  My motto is always "Don't purchase something unless you really know you are going to use it."  I almost bought this stool, which was really a chair without a back, that had a great wood feel to it. I could see it with a pot sitting on it in the back yard.  Hubby kept not visualizing it, which happens often, so I did not even ask the price.  I bet it was under a $1 and I probably should have just gotten it.  But I did not even ask the price, feeling discouraged.

We did end up buying for $3 eight dessert plates.  I still cannot believe we've been married almost 29 years and we have never owned dessert or salad plates.  We keep finding a need for a smaller plate since we are empty nesters.  Our small plates used to be four blue tupperware plates for children.  We used the bejeezees out of those four plates over the years.  I'm not sure if those are in the basement yet or if we have gotten rid of them.

I took this photo of the sky with my camera pointed at my car window while waiting for hubby to get out of the porta potty where we bought the plates.  Funny how we see cool things when we just stop and wait.

So we spent $8 and gas money and only went about 10 miles of the 100 miles before we grew weary, passing up a ton of the sales and selectively stopping.  Well, now I know what it is about and I can say I'm likely to not go again.  They are just like any other yard sale and we stopped going to them years ago.  They are great when one is first starting out newly married, but we are trying to get rid of stuff as empty nesters, not bring more stuff in.

We were starving and could not decide what to do next. Not having really found anything we loved, we had a desire to go to the antique store in Benton, since we were half there, but we were hungry and did not find anywhere on the route as I had hoped to stop in to eat.

We ended up going to the winery in Commerce.  It was impromptu, but we wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather and the day.  We had not been to a winery ALL year and here it was almost June!  That's crazy!  But we have been watching our penny's all year and eating at home a lot.

Our bottle of wine and view while waiting for our food.
We got french fries for our appetizer, but it came with the meal.  Oh well.  They were hot and good.  Hubby got a cheese panini and I got the onion, red pepper, and cheese panini.  Hubby always takes his food he does not want, in this case, grapes and pickle, and puts it on my plate.

We had a great time together for lunch.  The floor was out of topic and we were just having fun together.  I was reading a book and we were discussing the things I was reading.  Good conversation.

The band had not started to play yet as we had gotten there about 1:30 and the bands always start at 2:00 at wineries.  There was music in the background and the lyrics were "time flies" (Neil Sedaka, but I could not find the song) and right in front of me was this banner that said "wine flies" and that really made me laugh at the coincidence, but I guess everything is funny when you are drinking wine.

Hubby's glass had spilt a little bit (my fault while trying to pose the table for the first photo, yes, before we even had a sip!) and the wine was caught in the table and hubby insisted I take a photo because he thought it was so cool.  He tried making it happen in other holes, but it would not.  I guess we just did not know the right science.  Silly funny things.

About the simple things in life, I spied this caterpillar crawling up the chair next to me.  We had a bit of fun with it as seen in the next video.

My voice is so high and shrilly.  Really, I can hardly even stand to hear it.  Did I do that because I was talking over the bad?  I must pay attention to my voice next time.  The video is still funny though.  It shows what a great time we were having together.

We drove to Benton to the antique store and I was excited to buy three finds.  There was a teacup that I had seen a  year ago that I had passed up, not wanting to spend the money, and it was still there!  It caught my eye yet a second time, so this is a clue to me that it must be mine.  I have been looking for a pretty clear pitcher too.  I wanted something nice for the table for serving iced tea and lemonade or whatever and nothing I've seen for the last year has said, "this is it!"  I've passed up a LOT of pitchers in the last year (even about 20 at the yard sales today).  I was excited to find one and the cost be low too!  The tag indicated it was hand painted.  My teapot that I love is hand painted too.  I must really prefer the uniqueness of hand painted items over the expense of factory made ones.  I am so excited about the pitcher.  Crazy how I wait so long to get just the right small thing.  We found two inexpensive glasses that we decided to get too.  It came to a lot of money for us, but it was less than our lunch, so I couldn't feel too guilty.  We blew our entire monthly "entertainment budget" in one day today, but I cannot feel guilty as we haven't done anything fun in so long.  Plus, our entertainment budget has been going to paying down bills all year, so it was just time.

We got home with some spare time and I took a short, sort-of-not-really-sleeping nap outside while hubby sanded.  We fed the dogs and took off for our evening of fun.
My favorite local band was playing that evening at the park in Jackson and we had picked up tickets on Friday.  I was excited.
As we walked by Bob Clubbs' booth at the park, I commented, "Hey, you're the most famous person here." and he invited us over for a selfie.  "Weather Clubbs" is a school teacher in Jackson and he loves the hobby of weather and calls himself a "social meteorologist."  I follow him on Facebook where he now has over 14,000 followers.  I've been following him since before he had 1,000 followers and watched him grow.  He's just entertaining!  That's why people love him.  He is brave and gives out his cell phone and people text him photos during various weather types and he shares their photos, so sometimes we get better weather coverage on his page than the local news page.  I should learn from him for my own page, but I think my deal is I am just not confident and afraid of people judging me.  That is what makes him so likeable.  I need to break through that shell.

The Duke Boys kicked the night off with a police chase through the park.
Posted by Rockin' the Park on Sunday, May 24, 2015
Here is a video from Facebook of how the Rockin' the Park started.  It was a hoot watching the Duke Boy's entrance with the police chase.  I got a video too, but wasn't going to share it and then saw this one uploaded as I was typing this post!  Ah!  You can see me and hubby at the end of the video in our chairs.

Hubby later had me get a photo of him in front of the Duke Boy's car.  I took a [bad} photo of the band in front of the car and people were posing with the band to take photos and I reeeeaaaally wanted to do that, but could not get up the bravery.

See, we were at the bottom of the hill near the band and there were hundreds of people up the hill behind us watching.  I just couldn't get that photo because so many people were watching.

This is my feet that are going stir crazy to dance!  The band started playing when it was still light and I thought it was so crazy that few people were dancing to such a great band, most just sitting on the hill.  I wasn't going to dare get up and dance with that hill of people watching me either!  I kept watching my phone app to see when the sun was going to set.  We did have some B.G's potato skins (1/2 for each of us) and I had one plastic cup of wine and he had a beer, but it was just too expensive to drink anymore, plus we had spent enough money for the day already.
We saw this bird formation fly by and I had to snap a photo.  I thought it was really cool of Jackson to have such a great set up and a great band and great local food and drinks.  Why doesn't Cape do such a thing?  We have a band shelter, but they mostly bring in orchestra type bands.  We do have the Friday nights at the gazebo, which started up recently, which are well attended, but it isn't like this fun party we are having in Jackson!

As soon as it got dark, the dance floor filled up and, even though there were still tons of people on the hill watching, I felt secure in being able to hide behind the crowd in the dark to dance too.  We had a blast!  Did I say how much I love this band?

We did leave around 10 and hubby remarked that it was a sign we were getting to be old fogies.  I was tired from lack of sleep and hubby was going paint polyurethane before we went to bed.  If we were going to be sleeping outside, we wanted there to be a reason to be there and avoiding the smell is the reason.  The two extra bedrooms are now complete done and they just need a few days to dry.  Our bedroom now has it's first (should have been second or even third) coat.  I can still see the bubbles, even though they are smaller, so I just have to give up the battle of fixing it and live with whatever it looks like in the end.  Hubby has worked hard sanding it trying to get it off and if I were him, I wouldn't want to work at it any more, so I cannot ask him to either.

We have no plans the rest of the weekend but to find some "being time" and relax and hope to get the house back in order.  Painting more coats on the floor won't take much time.  I was reading a book at the winery and it shared about "being time." I loved that!  It is much better term that "me time," which is a term I picked up from digital scrapbookers.  I'd never used it before that.  Now I'm going to use "being time" which is time to just be who you are or just sit and wait on God to get an answer on what you are supposed to be doing.  It goes along with my "gaze" theme for the year which I have been trying to do more of lately, including this weekend as we sleep on the bed on the patio "camping" out.

This was a REALLY long post, but we had an eventful day.  I am glad that I am trying to take time to blog more to preserve my memories.  It doesn't matter if anyone is reading, but rather that I am writing and journaling.  But if you have read down to here, I appreciate you and consider you a friend for caring about my life.


Tammy said…
So happy for you!! I like the "being time"!

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