May 24 - Striving and Failing

Wow! I am loving "camping" on the patio with our mattress out there. This is so amazing! I want weather like this and a permanent bed on the patio now every day. lol I might as well be at an expensive cabin somewhere relaxing, except this is the same and much cheaper.

I think we need to sell the patio couch and buy a bed with the money.  Seriously.  All I ever do is lay down on the couch, so why not make it a bed.

I slept better than the night before, but still got up early.

It took me a while to write the blog post for the day before. My goal for today is to relax as much as I can and do as little as I can. That is VERY hard for me! I'm striving for "being time" and it is a struggle to make myself do it.

I took a nice long bath which was nice. I wasn't sure I wanted to with the house smelling, but I was wanting to let hubby sleep in on the patio and I be quiet. I read a little in the tub too. I'm reading the book club book for HKC called "The Creative Call." I am really enjoying reading the book. I have some layouts I want to make inspired by it. I am loving the "being time" concept as it goes with my "gaze" theme word for the year.
After reading the "being time" section  in Chapter 2 (in the bathtub) and putting down my iPad and practiced "just being." All the sudden I saw thoughts about what I could do for my yard and my home in my head. I was excited! That is creativity! That is creativity that God placed in my mind while being still! I had not thought of decorating my home and yard as creativity before, but I guess it is.

Then I continued reading from the patio and read how we are supposed to meditate on just one or two words, like grace, and to try to clear the clutter of our thoughts. Um, well, it was in the thoughts God brought to my head while being still that excited me. I'm not sure I want to do the declutter of thoughts. Yes, I am wordy. Yes, I analyze everything. Yes, it is who I am. Yes, I don't want to change and think on just one word.

Here is the cute potholder I bought yesterday for $2.50.  I should have bought more!  I am lov'n it!  It's all about the simple things for me.  I will get some good use out of it in the joy department for a while I'm sure.

I am using it to set my teacup on. Isn't it cute like this?  I had tea this morning on the patio while reading my book.

Didn't I say it is about the simple things?  Isn't this new teacup and potholder turned coaster inviting?  I REALLY enjoyed my time on the patio.  It is really windy today with the storms coming in tonight and the fabric has been billowing with huge sways all day.  I can hear the wind rustling in the trees.  There are new things blooming in the backyard too.

For lunch I started with a small salad on our new salad/dessert plates.  We got 8 plates for $3.  We are lov'n these plates too!  They are going to get used a lot.

Of course, for lunch, I just had to use our other new things too, so I switched from tea to fresh squeezed lemonade and the peach simple syrup I made a few days ago.  We just love the new-to-us hand painted pitcher.  I love the colors and how the whole pitcher was not covered in flowers, but it goes in a spiral around it, leaving plenty of "white space" (ah, a term scrapbookers understand) to see the drink.   I put the simply syrup in the creamer dish that was my grandma's.  We have two new glasses and I'm not sure what they are called, whether they are wine glasses or pudding glasses or what, with silver tips, and chrystal, which were such a good price.  It was fun to drink lemonade from them and watch the different colored simple syrup which is heavier float to the bottom of the glass.  I'm so thankful to God for the simple things such as this that I enjoy in life.

We warmed up this bread and cut it into triangles to enjoy with our lasagna (that was pre-made and we warmed up in the microwave).   Doesn't this all look so inviting?  I love the simple things!  This bread is wonderful.  It comes in a package of four and one is all that we need to split.

Of course, we just had to use our new salad/dessert plates for the lasagna too!

After lunch I did that striving to just relax thing again, forcing myself to the garden with a lounge chair to read some more.   These flowers were blooming everywhere.

This flower that I bought new last year has spread into a huge mass and has started blooming.  Pretty!

Hubby started out this way on the swing, but I really took the photo to show the huge ornamental grass that he dug up and moved from the front yard last week.  It sure did not look this big when it was in the front yard.  I keep marveling at how it looks two different sizes in different locations.  There's a smaller one he moved a few weeks ago behind it.  He also dug up two more and moved them to our son's yard.  I told him to stop and not do the others because he is hurting his back.

Here is me striving to do that "being time" while reading on my iPad and getting some sun.  Hubby moved to a lounge chair and he actually got sun burnt today!  I got hot and came in before him.

My view while holding up my iPad to read from my back.  Yeah, when you make yourself do nothing, you get bored and take photos of everything.

This is what happens when you get hot in the sun and strive to do that "being time" thing on the mattress on the patio.  rotfl  I ended up taking a nap!  I was so bored watching the beautiful fabric billow in the wind, I turned on my Christian music Youtube list on my iPad and laid on the mattress just listening until I fell asleep.  I kept thinking to myself, "when was the last time I ever just laid and listened to music?

This rose bush is starting to bloom.  This one is always so beautiful.  The annuals are starting to bloom again too.

On and off throughout the day while watching the fabric billow, it bothered me that it was dirty, so I washed it all.  It took three loads, but it is so much cleaner and prettier now.  So see, even when I try to do nothing, I end up doing something!

We decided we did not like some of the lounge chairs.  We rarely used them because we never wanted to drag them out of the basement.  However, we now have an outdoor storage unit, so we got them out to sit in them and decided they were not comfortable!  We've had them all this time and for what?  So I am selling them through Facebook.  They are perfectly good chairs.  Looking at chairs online to see what to price these got us looking at folding lawn chairs too.  We want to buy some new ones and give the old ones to our son.  So reading reviews was a good thing to spend my time doing.  See, I cannot do nothing!  I sold the chairs within a half hour or so, but they are coming in the morning to pick them up.  The money will go to buying the folding chairs we want for when guests come over.

I wanted to scrapbook all day, but the storms are coming in and we've been saying all day, just enjoy the weather while it is nice and then when it is not, we can go inside and work.  He gave the bedroom floor another coat around 11 a.m. when he first got up.

A third coat was put on late in the evening and now we just have to wait for it to cure before we can finally begin to put the house back together.  As much as I am loving sleeping on the patio, I do not like my house in such a wreck.

My new hot pad also works well as a coaster for a wine bottle!  I just knew I could make use of it and am loving it all the more each time I find a new use.  I drank a little wine while drafting this blog post, but then the storms came in.  

The fabric was blowing right off the posts and I had to keep repinning it.  Ria ran for the door, but Tizzy snuggled in to my side and blotted out the bad weather from her mind.  How can she do that?  She felt safe enough in my arms to not worry about the storms.  I sure wish I could translate that better myself to how I trust God.

The storms did not hit until nearly 9 p.m. and now it seems too late to go inside to scrapbook or clean and laying on the mattress listening to the rain was too enticing.  Besides, any set up I can configure for my laptops are too tall and I cannot type or do anything well with them but read.  I'm anxious to get the bedroom back together so I can have my computer time with ease.

There were two rounds of storms to lay through, but I enjoyed it and kept thinking about how the storms seem less threatening outside right in them than in the house.  That is probably a dangerous thing.

My body is aching from all this "strived" relaxing and "being time."   I'm thinking I am not going to sleep well. 


Tammy said…
Sounds like a wonderful day!!!
grambie said…
You had a very interesting day. Love all your beautiful finds. Blessings.

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