May 27

Today is "hump day" already and I wake up in my own bedroom which is nice.  It still smells in the house and everything from my bedroom is still in the living room.  I did not sleep well.  We ended up turning on the air conditioner in the middle of the night.  I probably could have made it through as it was not that bad, but I think I just feel weak and worn down.  Plus, the prediction of high 80's has me nervous.  I may turn it off yet later this week.

The bedroom looks so much bigger without all the clutter in it.  I like it this way.  Can I keep it feeling like this?

I can reach my keyboard now and am back to my normal setup for my laptop.  What am I going to do with my morning?  I feel so unmotivated.

I'm feeling so down from the news the day before that I decide to make a Bible Bits graphic.  It took me so long to tweak such a simple thing.  Oh well.  I did something and it turned out okay.

As I left for work I told hubby not to touch any of the piles in the living room, that I wanted to clean it all and go through it before I brought things back into the bedroom.  I told him he needed a break and a rest for his body and wondered if he would listen to me.  Apparently he did and I am glad.  No honey-do's today.

For our one hour together at lunch time, hubby and did our usual and cooked and ate together.  I had a pork steak, frozen green beans, and mashed potatoes.  We've eat so bad over the weekend that it is good to have normal stuff for our bellies to get our digestive system back to normal.

For about an hour after work I took time to re-learn the pen tool and practice with it.  I want to make vector shapes to help someone and this is something I should have learned long ago.  I need to take time to advance my own skills some times.  I had trouble figuring out how to save the file after I created it, but I think I finally figured it out.

After doing my cleaning job in the evening after work, I finally got some motivation to begin cleaning/dusting/running under water a few things that hung on the walls in the bedroom and returning them to their place.

I grabbed my jewelry box to put it back and cleaning the top I realized in what bad shape the box is in.  I've had this jewelry box since I was a young girl.  The vinyl cover is ripped off in places making it look more like a stain.  As much as I hate how it looks, I have trouble thinking of getting rid of it too. However, it may be time to let go of it.  Or maybe I could paint it?  That would seem right either as it would loose it's authenticity.  Plus, what would I use to store my jewelry?  I think I have my Mom's old box in the basement that is in better shape.  I could use it I suppose.  My mind is in a quandary.

I do not remember the last time I opened this box.  I never wear jewelry.  I suppose that is why I could ignore how bad the box looks.  I decide it is time to go through the contents.  It is almost all costume jewelry anyway.  I only have two pieces of good jewelry being two necklaces which I do wear a few times a year and I keep them elsewhere in the house.  I would never keep good jewelry in my box because that is the first place a burglar goes to look!

I dump it all on my bed and find the inside has little pieces of stuff all over it that were difficult to clean.  Later, I discovered it was the coating on a pearl necklace that had crumbled, or really even shredded, into tiny pieces all over the box.

I decided to get rid of everything that has been in this box for 20, or over 30 years, that I have not touched that is of no sentimental value to me.  I cleared out over half of the contents.  I will give it to charity for resale at one of the local shops after I finish gathering things as I clean my room.

I put the box back, not knowing what to do with how bad it looks, for now.  I will decide later.  Maybe it is time for a new box.  I have no idea what they look like in the stores now.  It is 9 p.m. and I find no more motivation to work on the pile of stuff.  It's okay.  No one is coming over that I know of and I can take my time going through it all.

I think about how I need to take a photo of things in this box and make layouts with them to journal the stories.  I had started this project already months ago and I have so many things throughout the house I need to do this with.

I think I was over tired because I was wide awake.  I tried to watch some t.v. on my laptop, but ended up scrapbooking two layouts just for fun while the show was playing on another browser tab.

I went to bed at 1 a.m. or after.  I may regret this tomorrow.


Tammy said…
I've never been a jewelry person...don't even own a jewelery box.

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